LEGO Dimensions Holiday Gift Guide 2016

The 2016 Holiday season is fast approaching and with LEGO Dimensions becoming such a big thing in its second year I thought it would be best to put together a LEGO Dimensions Holiday Gift Guide 2016. This will be the best way to go over all the sets to give the site's thoughts on particular sets on which ones are overall must haves or break them down a bit by which audience they're best suited for. I will say right away that if you don't have a starter set it's about the same for all platforms except that Playstation does currently have exclusive access to Supergirl in the starter pack. This is also an in-progress Holiday Guide at the moment and will be updated right up until after the last wave is released in 2016.

Fun Packs

The LEGO Fun Packs consist of a single LEGO Minifig and Vehicle. These packs are mostly boosters adding an extra character and are actually of great value.

"BA Baracus" | Set Review | Unboxing/Instructions/Gameplay

This is actually a great Fun Pack providing Mr T and the A-Team van. I'm assuming this isn't for everyone as it'll probably be a set that's best for the older audience or generally fans of the show/movie. Collectors of just LEGO will also most likely enjoy this set as well since it's as far as I'm aware.

"Marceline the Vampire Queen" | Set Review | Unboxing/Instructions/Gameplay

Definitely one of the best fun packs I've played with featuring Marceline that has the ability to fly around as vampire while also featuring hilarious regular combative moves. She's joined by the Lunatic Amp which is absolutely wild and very useful as a vehicle. This also finishes off your Adventure Time collection and is apparently only available at Toys R Us.

"ET" | Set Review (Coming Soon) | Unboxing/Instructions/Gameplay

ET brings the lovable alien to LEGO Dimensions with the ability to ride in the classic bicycle that flies around. ET is a neat set though not for everyone and I think it'll more or less come down to if you'd like to collect the unique LEGO mold.

"Tina Goldstein" | Set Review (Coming Soon) | Unboxing/Instructions/Gameplay

From Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Tina is a typical magician so not entirely unique though somewhat rare considering what might be in your roster thus far. The Swooping Evil vehicle is somewhat awesome being very tall in LEGO components form. This is another one that comes down to collection as I'm not sure she would be a huge assistance in the game.

LEGO Dimensions Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Team Packs

The LEGO Team Packs consist of two LEGO Minifig and two Vehicles. These packs are again mostly boosters adding extra characters and vehicles to your game.

"Jake the Dog & Lumpy Space Princess" | Set Review | Unboxing/Instructions/Gameplay

For Adventure Time fans this is a must have pack and I'd generally suggest this for anyone as well. It features Jake the Dog that can morph into shapes and the sarcastically funny Lumpy Space Princess. The packs also has BMO which is one of their friends and a big gameboy basically that can be ridden. For regular LEGO collectors these two characters are incredibly neat and all components are well crafted.

"Gizmo & Stripe" | Set Review | Unboxing/Instructions/Gameplay

This is purely aimed at Gremlins fans including the lovable Gizmo and terrifying Stripe. The molds are completely unique for these characters and something collectors will love. The included vehicle are somewhat useless with the RC car just being another vehicle and the camera type one looking weird in LEGO components though having a neat smashing ability.

LEGO Dimensions Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Level Packs

The LEGO Level Packs contain a single LEGO Minifig, two vehicles and a brand new level to playthrough. These levels are typically an hour in length and I've found them to be the best additions to the game in value.

"Adventure Time" | Set Review | Unboxing/Instructions/Gameplay

Once again for Adventure Time fans this is an absolute must have whether you want it for the additional Land of Ooo level or the Minifigs themselves. It's also a fantastic level pack for just regular players in a wacky, yet entertaining level that's split into two stories that work off one another. The LEGO components are great for this pack featuring Finn the Human and the Ancient War Elephant which was hilarious.

"Mission Impossible" | Set Review | Unboxing/Instructions/Gameplay

This level pack was also great and one I'd suggest for anyone with the mention that fans of the series will enjoy it even more than the regular crowd. It comes with the unique Ethan Hunt character and two functional LEGO component vehicles. I'm not entirely sure collectors of just LEGO will want this, but the value for LEGO Dimensions players is great here. The level was a great playing capturing the magic of the first movie beautifully while also adding LEGO hilarity.

"Sonic the Hedgehog" | Set Review | Unboxing/Instructions/Gameplay

The Sonic was fantastic at the start coming off as a Generations type experience though the level did dip off considerably. That aside it was a decent hour long tale with some great LEGO components. Sonic is completely unique and incredibly faithful in or out of the game. There's also Tail's Tornado plane and the Sonic Speedster from the recent racing series. This is a solid level pack and one that's sure to be great for a variety of players.

LEGO Dimensions Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Story Packs

The LEGO Story Packs are new this year being a massive expansion featuring hours of new stories over multiple levels coming with a single LEGO Minifig along with a single vehicle.

"Ghostbusters (2016)" | Set Review

I really can't at all push this for collectors or regular LEGO Dimensions fans as this set is very niche. The Ghostbusters 2016 film was not something I enjoyed at all, but I will say that this pack's story does a good job of condensing just the good parts. I did however find it repetitive despite providing many hours of gameplay. The LEGO components are not at all exciting in this one and I felt them unnecessary in my collection. If you're just looking to add a good many hours of gameplay and to enjoy a good take on the story than it's a fine purchase, but otherwise there are better sets.

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" | Set Review (No Planned Review)

While the Ghostbusters 2016 pack wasn't the best, Fantastic Beasts has a great starting point and a lengthy story to playthrough. This set follows the recent Harry Potter spin-off featuring selections from the story and adding that classic LEGO spin to things. It works well and the set pieces were also decent though I was yet again not particularly interested in the portal piece, but it was much better. The LEGO components were also great with the always fun little Niffler and Newt.

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LEGO Dimensions Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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