LEGO Dimensions Marceline the Vampire Queen Fun Pack Review

"Lunatic Amps"

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Marceline the Vampire Queen is an Adventure Time character that likes to rock. She's quite creepy and that's emulated well in this fun pack. The individual Minifig is very unique with a special long should length hair piece and two distinct facial expressions to use. She also comes with a massive red axe that was also something I've never seen before in LEGO completing the character. The Lunatic Amp vehicle is also great being an intricate and oddly designed amp machine. It was interesting to see such a scrambled collection of smaller pieces come together into this awesome, yet creepy machine. I was actually very impressed with the quality of LEGO components here and once again we have another fine Adventure Time character for the collection.


Marceline is damn amazing in the game featuring the ability to unleash music or do a sort of musical stomp. She can also transform into a vampire bat creature that has the ability to fly around which is helpful. The design is also really neat looking as he arms get all bendy when swinging the axe around and then gets focused to jam out. This actually might be one of the most dimensional characters released with the various transformations she can do. The Lunatic Amp is also great with a strong musical ground bound along with the ability to shoot a heating laser. It's also creepy scuttling around when you ride it and also great looking.

LEGO Dimensions Marceline the Vampire Queen Fun Pack

The Conclusion

When comparing the quality of the LEGO components with the in-game representation this is actually the best fun pack yet. Marceline is a joy for my regular LEGO collection with a new design and a great battle axe while her vehicle is also grand being entirely unique. Marceline is also really useful in-game with her array of combative abilities and the option to change into a vampire creature at anytime to fly places. The Lunatic Amp is also a welcomed vehicle that does more than just provide transportation by providing the gold carving ability among other clearing out enemy properties. This is a great fun pack and while I love Stay Puft more, Marceline provides so many great benefits.

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Rating Overall: 9.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner