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Gremlins is one of my favorite classic horror type films and that brings the magic of bringing a new pet to your family on Christmas to the extreme. In this pack we get two intense rivals with the lovable Gizmo and the horridly mean Stripe. Both characters have been captured in LEGO really well being unique design with Stripe being a large Minifig whereas Gizmo is a small half-legged one. The vehicles are also decent with the RC Racer just being another car though it's ride-able. The Flash n' Finish is also neat as a camera though ultimately a useless LEGO piece as I can't imagine any practical use for it. Those wanting this just for the Minifigs will be satisfied and they're a completely different set of Minifigs.


These characters are awesome in-game with Gizmo being so charming with his scrambled talk and hilarious running. Gizmo has the typical abilities of the smaller characters and a neat tactical roll. Stripe is much more combative snarking around with a terrifying smile though nothing too unique there. The flash n' Finish is actually a great vehicle providing a powerful stomp ability which was surprising. The RC Car was again just a generic car and they need to desperately get more innovation there.

LEGO Dimensions Gremlins Team Pack

The Conclusion

This team pack is great for those that are a fan of the movies or need two solid members for their squad. I'm sure those that just collect this for the LEGO will love the Minifigs as the characters are extremely unique and true to their movie appearances. The vehicles are honestly a bit useless in-game and out though just another selection to use if you'd like. I'm not sure this pack will be for everyone, but it's a solid addition to the collection.

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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner