LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Team Pack Review

"Lumpin’ Jake-of-All-Trades"

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The Adventure Time team pack teams up an unlikely duo from the series as the laid-back Jake the Dog joins the uptight Lumpy Space Princess in this new Lego Dimensions team pack. Both minifigures feature new Lego elements made especially for the characters. Jake’s head is a faithful depiction of the ubiquitous dog, while Lumpy Space Princess is a wholly unique element for the series. The accessories for the two include Lumpy Space Princess’s cellphone, while Jake has a flashlight. I would have rather seen Jake with his fiddle as that is what he brings out when his on-screen depiction stands idle for too long. The upgradeable kits in the team pack feature Finn and Jake’s sentient video game BMO, and LSP’s Lumpy Space Car.

BMO looks great as his old-school design translates well to Lego Bricks. All BMO’s iterations have a fun feel to them by prominently featuring his friendly smiling face. The Lumpy Space Car on the other hand, features many curved elements giving it that lumpy feel that smooth posers will be jealous of. Continuing with the contrasting nature of this team-up, BMO features a toned down color scheme, while the Lumpy Space Car has a bright and fabulous colors. Both kits feature focal points with BMO’s face for him and LSP’s signature star emblem prominently on the Lumpy Space Car.


The Adventure Time team pack boasts a fantastic amount of abilities for both characters. Familiar abilities for LSP are mini access, boomerang, and hazard protection. She can also use the new vent access and while not a new ability she can manipulate Rainbow bricks which was an ability previously only available with Unikitty. Jake has an absolute laundry list of abilities letting him handle almost any situation. Holding the ability button brings up a wheel for different Jake versions each with their own ability sets. The most fun Jake version I felt was the Jake Suit which allowed another character to ride around inside this super-powered version. Given all these Jake iterations it would be easier to list what Jake cannot do. This makes his illumination ability a bit overkill. It also explains the flashlight but the fiddle would have been more fun. Regarding their companion kits the Lumpy Space Car is basically just a vehicle, while BMO can access special docks that let you play 8-bit style games for stud bonuses.

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Team Pack

The Conclusion

Lego Dimensions year two seems to have hit the ground running with their early releases. The Adventure Time team pack features two unique characters with an exceptional amount of abilities. In-game the pair’s quirky personalities shine as they interact with other characters. The physical characters are a must for collectors as the TV series winds to a close making pieces like these invaluable to fans of the show.

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Rating Overall: 8.5

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