Top 10 Worst Games of 2017

I've been incredibly fortunate to play and review a massive selection of games over 2017, but with that comes a number of absolutely horrible releases. These games are all very poorly scored and were not the best of times when working through them. I've included the review score for each of the games so you can get a better idea of just how bad they were if you were interested. These games are either really broken, just didn't work or were generally horrible titles that lacked the passion to even be average titles. It may be enjoyable to review games, but at times these titles really wreck that sort of experience. Here are the top 10 worst games of 2017, reviewed and played by the site.

#10: Fictorum

This one actually had some potential, but the final release is essentially just a tech demo of magic. Unleashing a series of powerful and customizable spells you blow up villages. It features some great destruction, but that's really it as you battle in the same situations with tiny lazy objectives over and over. It can be fun for a short while, yet lacks any structure.
The Fictorum Review

#9: RBI Baseball 17

I actually like these little arcade Baseball games though this year's entry was a complete disappointment. Instead of working towards becoming a better version it was essentially the same while slightly stripped down. What an absolute joke, I'm angrier at their lack of progression than anything. I could go further, but what's the point and hopefully the next release tries to improve.
The RBI Baseball 17 Review

#8: Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor actually had some interesting ideas to it, a game where you battle against the AI that gets smarter as you play though that wasn't the case here. Where I played it the game was filled of bugs, tons of issues and inconsistent AI. It was a mess and something that didn't come together in a cohesive way. It was just frustrating as opposed to interesting and really falls apart the more you play it.
The Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor screenshot horrible

#7: Hidden Dragon: Legend

Hidden Dragon is the hilarious sort of bad, it has some of the worst dubbing I've ever seen and a story that makes no sense to any degree. I recall my character being knocked out three for three in level transitions and it was funny. The gameplay is shallow though somewhat cool effects wise and it just lacks depth while being a grind.
The Hidden Dragon: Legend Review

#6: AereA

AereA had an interesting setup, but it's yet another shallow game filled with issues. I actually couldn't progress very far because the game was broken beyond belief. I tried to reset it a few times and decided it wasn't worth my life to sit there trying to play a game that obviously didn't function. Not much to it anyways so I don't feel I missed out on too much.
The AereA Review

#5: Double Dragon IV

I thought that a new numbered entry in this long running and well known franchise might be great, I was very shocked to see how little care was put into the title. It was short, boring and for whatever reason it suffered from horrible performance. It looks like one of the old titles in every way, but levels are bland and the enemies were dumb. There was nothing modern about it and it was purely puzzling how a pixel game could have performance issues such as screen tearing.
The Double Dragon IV Review

Dead Alliance Screenshot

#4: Dead Alliance

Dead Alliance was another title with potential, I saw it at E3 and just assumed it was in-progress. That was however not the case as the game I assumed was an alpha or beta build was essentially the full release. It was shocking to play a game that ran so poorly, chugged along and was filled with issues. The single player content was a joke and the multiplayer came across as generic. Even the Xbox One X couldn't fix this mess but basically just stabilize it.
The Dead Alliance Review

#3: Road Rage

Road Rage is a game that never made any sense, even at E3 a couple years back I wasn't sure what the point of it was. The world of the game looks surprisingly decent, but it's a hollow title that really doesn't have anything to it. There's multiplayer I suppose, but the game is super fast and repetitive being a series of mini games instead of a full experience.
The Road Rage Review

#2: Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

I'm not quite sure what the point of bringing Bubsy back was, especially in this type of game. It features large scale areas, but there's no point to them as you just hop along. Each level is filled with crap to collect and the entire game is very, very short. It's a boring waste of space.
The Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Review

#1: Deer Hunter: Reloaded

What a garbage game, I rarely ever have trouble keeping awake but I was close to passing right out while playing this. I'm not sure what they were going for, but this attempt at an open area shooting gallery is a complete waste of time. I can't imagine what folks were thinking while making this; it's slow, broken, looks horrible and has no complexity. Terrible.
The Deer Hunter: Reloaded Review

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