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Top 10 Great Xbox Games from Early 2017

Xbox has gotten some decent releases during the start of 2017 and while not huge on the exclusives, there are still some great games to be enjoyed. These are the top 10 great Xbox games from early 2017 featuring a number of unique titles that offer a variety of unique experiences. The exclusives will most likely arrive towards the end of the year so this list will be a nice look at other games that often get overlooked.

#10: Bloons TD5

This is more of a fun game for the list, hadn't previously played Bloons having only watched others and it was a blast. The game is great for all ages and also features exciting cooperative play that is a blast. There's tons of content in the game, maps and turrets to blast away balloons with. Our review of the game

#9: Fallout Shelter

I've played way too much Fallout Shelter recently as the Xbox Play Anywhere version of the game is great. Shelter is a management game where I can instantly transfer progress from console to PC. It's quite crazy and is a nice distraction in broken up segments across the week. It's got the charm of Fallout in a simpler format.

#8: Blackwood Crossing

While this is a rather short game, the story is beautiful and very cinematic in design. It goes over some interesting themes revolving death and has a great use of space taking place entirely on a train while having wild elements to it. Our review of the game

Blackwood Crossing Xbox Best

#7: Air Guitar Warrior

If you've got a Kinect and want one of the best experiences ever for the device, get ready to rock the virtual air guitar. The game is a blast as you use a guitar to fire away at enemies in a sidescrolling shooter. You're also in the game as the Kinect scans your look rocking to the crazy tracks and having a blast. Our review of the game

#6: LEGO City Undercover

While this is a remaster to some degree, it's still a LEGO game and one that should be on the list for its universal appeal. Everyone can enjoy this somewhat GTA-like LEGO game that kids can enjoy playing while adults can certainly laugh at the humor that's present in the game. There's also coop which was added for the release so local people can play together. Our review of the game

#5: Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is a classic, yet modern adventure game with a focus on point and click settings within a world of incredible depth. The plot is intense, the characters are hilarious and it's really quite an advancement for an old genre of game. There's hours of story to play as you solve the mysteries and use your characters to work together. Our review of the game

Yooka Laylee Xbox Best

#4: Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is a great game and I heavily suggest checking it out for fans of shooters. It has the option to play incredibly tactical with stealth or you can go in shooting. It has options for whatever sort of player you're and it's a blast. The levels are massive in scale with core and side objectives or you can take the battle online against others. Our review of the game

#3: Yooka-Laylee

Yooka-Laylee is a beautiful return for 3D platformers bringing a classic old school style of game that's sure to delight all ages. I personally loved playing this game that had great meta humor, hours of collectibles to nab and an exciting yet warm hearted narrative. Our review of the game

#2: Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 completely changed its style of horror heading into the first person perspective and nailing it. The story is dark, horrifying and something new for fans or fresh players to enjoy. Our review of the game

#1: Halo Wars 2

The first Halo Wars was great, the second is even better featuring a refined and modern RTS game that is awesome. It features cross-play and Xbox Play Anywhere so fans on consoles or PC can enjoy this great game. The cinematics are glorious from Blur and this game rocks a genre that's often left to the side. Our review of the game

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