Top 10 Flappy Bird Clones

I don't like Flappy Bird at all, but I thought it might be worth a good laugh to pick out the best Flappy Bird clones that are available on the market as the return of the legendary awful Flappy Bird game is coming up in the near future. I'm sure you all love the little Flappy Birds and their dark souls style of play with edgy lives, but here goes the list!

#10: Flappy UFO

Taking the roll of the UFO you basically move through these weird rock formations in true Flappy Bird cloning form, it looks neat artistically so I'll give it that.

#9: Fall out Bird

You get to flap out and about as the group members of Fall Out Boy, so if you're a fan I guess this game will be something for you, it definitely is a different take on it.

#8: Flappy Turtle

You get to be a turtle! You love turtles, I love turtles and now we can guide this little on through a series of deathly areas, though we know you can never win...

#7: Flappy Bert

Now I don't quite get why Big Berd isn't the title character, maybe everyone likes him too much. Anyways we are given a flapping Bert in style of Sesame Street which I know many folks certainly have enjoyed at some point in their life.

#6: Flapthulu

Certainly the most weird and artistic of all these titles, it's basically the apocalypse or something and you are the mystical Flapthulu! Crazy.

#5: Flappy Doge

One of the most popular memes have decided to grace one of the most popular memes game of all time. Become the Doge, dodge as the Doge, dawg.

#4: Clumsy Bird

Dodging tree stumps instead of the regular pipes and a dumber looking bird. This is actually one of the first and best clones for the Flappy Bird collection and wasn't half bad I guess

#3: Flappy Stache

You're a mustache that's in an old timey world. It's both historical, classic and absolutely hilarious of game. I tip my glass to this one.

#2: Nyan Flappy

The infamous and prodigal Nyan Cat has graced the world of Flappy Bird with colorful streams of rainbow, enchanting worlds and edits. It has taken the Flappy lands to evolve and transform it into something magical.

#1: Flappy MMO

Flappy MMO is absolutely the best as it takes the original game makes it a massive online experience for us all to flap and die to at the exact same time all of the world. I have never seen anything so crazy and basically suicidal as 1,000 strong dying at the same time. For the flapz! Play it Here

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