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At some point the Xbox 360 hit over 10 free to play games available, it took a whole generation to accomplish it. Though it's finally here and you have a bunch of options available in order to get the best free games possible. I've enjoyed many of these over the years as the free model has changed from those that were really just free to those that have the new free to play model. I'm fairly sure that all of these games are still available and I would like to also mention that Doritos T-Rex game, it was awesome. So here are my most favorite 10 free games on the Xbox 360.

#10: World Series Poker

Starting off at the bottom of the list is the World Series Poker which lets you play Poker for free, with your avatar! If you're a fan of poker this is free and something you can casually play.

#9: Doritos Crash Course 2

After the success or well praise towards the original free Doritos Crash Course game from well Doritoes these made absolute sense. What we're given was a free to play game filled with some small in-game purchases to make it somewhat not as awesome as the original, still fun!

#8: Harm's Way

Harm's Way was a surprisingly fun racing game that allowed players to take the part of turrents on the occasion to destroy your enemies. It's a ton of fun, easy to pickup while being competitive.

#7: Warface Xbox 360

Warface brings us a free to play shooter with fair balance though somewhat shotty graphics. It's fairly fun and plays well enough for us to consider it worthwhile to at least play for it awhile.

#6: Aegis Wing

At this point many might not have heard of Aegis Wing, the classic four player cooperative space shooting awesome adventure game that came out years ago. Perhaps I entertained how good it is a little too much, but seriously a great play.

#5: Doritos Crash Course

The classic and original free Doritos Crash Course is a blast challenging you to compete and win. Whereas the sequel was freemium this one is nothing but free and something you will definitely enjoy.

#4: Spartacus Legends

Train your gladiators as you battle in this gory free 1v1 combat game. Taking place within Spartacus collect a bunch of gladiators, equip them and grow them to battle in the arena for further glory. The AI can be a tad cheap, but it's a very entertaining title.

#3: Ascend Hand of Kul

An awesome online styled RPG game that allows you to raise your warrior to power as you complete areas for the respective god you represent. Unlock and pillage as you become a powerful force in this universe. Also grab a bunch of little minions to join up as they will fight with you against invading enemies.

#2: World of Tanks Xbox 360

A perfectly pulled off version for World of Tanks brought to console allows you to strategically control your researching tank as you dominate the battlefield. It's a ton of fun controlling your own tank and best of all the game is free!

#1: Happy Wars

Happy Wars take the top place as it definitely resinates the best with me with the hopped up and wacky gameplay it presenets. Pick your class and charge alone or together in this wonderful world. I've had many great moments on this one and still come back all the time to play.

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