Top 10 Video Game Parody Songs

So I occasionally traverse through the online world and have come across a few golden parody songs that are focused around video games. These are many handpicked ten that I love to listen to while I game or just simply go about my day. Also, damn right this is Halo dominated. Just seems to have the most creative people making parodies for it.

#10: Mad World Uprising (Screen Team)

With some great Locust appearances and an overall great tone this song is very enjoyable

#9: I Wanna Get a Killionaire (Brysi)

It was really either this or Reach Beta as I loved them both, though I'm pinning Killionaire higher and the Beta song in other mentions

#8: Halo ((All I Play-Oh)) (Palette-Swap Ninja)

Matched perfectly with Snow from the Chili Peppers, so yes. This is awesome

#7: Because of You Halo 2 (Newgrounds?)

A long last and reuploaded music video telling a tale of the horrors awful players faced in Halo 2

#6: HALO (SirConnorAnderson)

A hilarious song that is perfectly pitched, this was just well done and delightful to listen to

#5: MW3! Modern Warfare 3 Rap (Screen Team)

Out of gaming parodies I have to say this Modern Warfare 3 rap based off of Without Me is awesome

#4: I'm a Gamer (Brysi)

Bringing together a bunch of random clips that present gaming in multiple fields, this is a timeless Brysi song parody

#3: Fallen Kingdoms (CaptainSparklez)

Enchanting and beautifully animated Fallen Kingdoms is quite amazing

#2: Screw the Nether (YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon)

This very catchy tune is ever magical and displaying everything that is the Nether

#1: I'm In Love With Halo (The Warp Zone)

There's is just something magical about this song, that's all I can say with this One Direction parody

Others to Mention, Also Comments below to complain if I missed your favorite...

Article by: Jason Stettner

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