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Star Wars Battlefront: Season Pass Review: It was Alright

The Star Wars Battlefront DLC has now concluded just over a year after the base game's release. The season pass consisted of four DLC packs including; Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star and Rogue One: Scarif. Together the packs brought a total of sixteen multiplayer maps for all the various modes in the game while also introducing a new mode with each pack. I didn't get the point of splitting the player base by introducing an almost one-off mode each time, but I guess testing out something new was fine. Each of the packs also brought in a selection of new weapons, gear and two weeks early access if you own the season pass. There was also a total of eight new heroes, but most of them were just reskins of Han Solo which disappointing. The heroes included were; Greedo, Nien Nunb, Lando, Dengar, Chewbacca, Bossk, Jyn Erso and Orson Krennic. This is a wide roster with some rather odd picks thrown into the mix, but as you can tell they're all basically just shooters taking Han Solo's model which felt lazy.

Star Wars Battlefront: Season Pass Review: It was Alright

The maps were basically a mixed bag coming in at absolutely awful to being a welcomed addition to the experience. I did however quite enjoy the variety of environments featured within the various maps as each pack brought a brand new world aside from Outer Rim. This was the first DLC pack to release which I found to be decent though nothing more than a fresh set of maps to battle on (giving it a 7/10). The next set of maps was Bespin which I found to be a splendid selection of spaces that captured the cloud city perfectly while presenting great new places of conflict (our score was 9/10). This was followed by the awful Death Star pack that presented terrible Blast maps along with little originality that ruined an iconic location (our score was 5.5/10). The final pack was a tie-in for the first Star Wars Anthology that brought a series of lush tropical forest maps into the fold, but they all just sort of blended together (our score was 7/10).

This came together to create what I'd say was an alright season pass, it wasn't amazing though came together in a satisfactory way. The maps brought a wide selection of new locations while also making most feel like a part of the movies. The Outer Rim content was good though familiar to existing content in the core game and featured oddly tight maps. The Bespin maps were honestly heavenly capturing the feeling of being in the clouds well and presenting a number of great locations for combat. The Death Star greatly disappointed as they ruined a great opportunity to do something special with the iconic moon. The Blast maps were horrid, but the multi-step Battle Station was interesting despite just being a progression of maps though a bit one-sided towards the Empire. The final Rogue One: Scarif pack brought maps that felt like they were a part of the film, but they didn't feel unique being a blur when played together. I found this to be a worthy season pass that helped build on the limited selection of content in the core game, yet nothing truly captured my attention. I'll also state that all the maps look beautiful as Battlefront is a visually stunning game, but layouts and the design of levels is just as important as making them pretty.

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Star Wars Battlefront: Season Pass Review: It was Alright

Article by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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