Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One Scarif Review

"Welcome to the Jungle"


Rogue One: Scarif takes aim at capturing some the environments from the epic ending of the first Star Wars Anthology film. This leads to us having lush tropical forests which felt strange considering other past maps, but were definitely unique to battle through. In this pack we have three new ground based levels that honestly just melt together since they look so similar and a space map that beautifully presents a key moment from the film. I did enjoy the jungle setup for maps though they felt a bit constricted as certain jungle areas couldn't be freely travelled through, restricting path movement and funneling troops. They were also just generally alright not having any stand out sections, but the scale they brought in their backdrops was incredible. Visually the Scarif Beach level was beautiful with a bright sun, yet again the levels all felt too similar with it being hard to tell them apart. There's also a new mode in this pack called Infiltration which tasks the rebels with advancing in stages against the Empire which is close to what was in the last pack with The Death Star. This starts off with a boring space battle where U-Wing ships try to hit the gate and it felt repetitive. If the Rebels are successful you'll hit the beach and continue the fight from there.

Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One Scarif

As is tradition with new maps we are given two new heroes, Jyn Erso for the Rebels and Orson Krennic for the Imperials. Both are once again just reskins of Han Solo in terms of style and general design which is disappointing. Jyn is the lead protagonist from Rogue One whereas Orson is the primary antagonist of the film. Taking another role of past troops, Orson also allows teammates to spawn in as the terrifying Death Troopers for support. There are also new weapons available with the A180 Blaster Pistol, the DT-29 and the Sonic Imploder explosive. To top things off they've also added two new support cards with the U-Wing and TIE Striker being available for collection on the battlefield with both being authentic to the film.

Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One Scarif

The Conclusion

Star Wars Battlefront concludes with a decent set of maps that bring elements of Scarif from Rogue One to life. It was also a nice change of scenery from the typical moody places of death we've seen in the past though each map just blends in together. I also wasn't a fan of the more restricted movement paths, but generally battling through the thick brush when possible was badass. The scenery was also incredible for the map making each level feel as though it was a small disconnected confrontation from the film which was a nice touch. I wasn't fond of the Infiltration mode as I found the space segment boring though I'm sure some will enjoy the mode for its multi-layered concept. This was a fine selection of maps that add some new spaces to the experience, but I was looking for just something else to make these excite a bit more.

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Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One Scarif Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 7.0

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