Top 10 Games That Need to Be Ported

I'm getting quite sick of not having enough original titles or really titles that I haven't played before. We need our gaming companies to step up and bring back these gems of games back to next-gen with either better graphics or just damn ports.

Xbox One Wallpaper

#10: The Lego Games

Having had this last generation see every single Lego game release ever, you can't honestly tell me that you haven't at least enjoyed a couple of them. They don't realy need anything special done, just repackage the master versions of each franchse and then throw them on some discs for the next generation console users to continue enjoying these titles for further years!

Lego Game Remade

#9: Assassin's Creed Anthology

I'll be quite honest that I haven't played the Assassin's Creed series to the same degree of which others have, I still understand when they have put many hours in and would definitely like to have a definite anthology of all the titles on one console, start to finish.

Assassin's Creed Anthology

#8: Borderlands

This would be an almost perfect bundle if it came with the third title upon release as an option, take all your old stats from last generation and tie it in with a third title for a slightly higher buy in. I love this series and would like to have all the experiences together on one console

Borderlands Trilogy

#7: Saints Row Anthology

I for one love Saints Row and want to see all these titles together again so that you may play through the evolution of this franchise once more. Thought it would look better and most likely be sold alongside a new title.

Saints Row Anthology

#6: Mass Effect Trilogy

I'm still sour about the ending of this franchise, but I would certainly love to give it another go through from start to finish with better graphics. I would also expect all DLC and of course a mini multiplayer based of the third's with some additonal maps based on the older titles.

Mass Effect Trilogy

#5: Bioshock Trilogy

I find the horror and atmosphere of Bioshock to be amazing, update the older graphics and just allow us to have the second's multiplayer, I'll love having these titles for years.

Bioshock Trilogy

#4: Rock Band + Dance Central

I personally need some sort of musical title, and I don't care if you people don't. Some of the most enchanting times in past years have been with musical instruments or Dance Central that showed that the Kinect is amazing. Bring us a new title or bring these back with as much DLC as you can Harmonix, please!

Rock Band and Dance Central Series

#3: The Orange Box 2

The Orange Box brought some of the most classic and amazing Valve titles to consoles. Update those with some mods, extras and DLC. Then package it with further Valve titles and bring us the best as only Valve can.

The Orange Box 2

#2: Gears of War Trilogy

Gears of War basically helped define the 360, bring back this amazing trilogy minus that garbage Judgment with slightly better graphics and a combined multiplayer with only the best maps, I will happily pay for this complete and amazing package.

Gears of War Trilogy

#1: Halo Anthology

Halo is Xbox, I and many others would love the privelage to purchase all these titles together in a massive package. Or at least the original trilogy would satisfy me for some many hours, only Halo 2 needs a bump to HD or even remaster it all again for the fans that love this series.

Halo Anthology

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