Top 10 Video Game Vacation Spots 2013

Since I'm heading on vacation soon I decided to take a look at the best places from games this past year that would be really awesome to go and explore

Festive Zombies

#10: Tau Volantis (Dead Space 3)

The frozen waste lands of Tau Volantis are sure to give you a full frosted adventure across this landscape filled with open snow planes, frosted caverns and of course olden day colonial sites. Though you may want to watch out for the wildlife!

Tau Volantis

#9: EDN III (Lost Planet 3)

I've been to EDN III a few times now and have always been satisfied with the freezing offerings and beautiful natural environments, though these frozen lands are rapidly changing and you may want to visit before they are all gone.


#8: PNF-404 (Pikmin 3)

A land that seems to be rather vacated, or at least by its larger past owners has beautiful natural areas filled with charming small creatures.


#7: Cat Island (BattleBlock Theater)

Ever wanted to be greeted by a island of cats? Well this is the trip for you, filled with a many types of your favorite pet and a lovely looking theater filled with entertaining shows all day!

BattleBlock Theater Cat Island

#6: Las Vegas 2027 (Call of Duty Ghosts)

Sin city this time of year has beautiful rolling sands and is fairly much an empty paradise of wonders to explore. Filled with historic sites with a rich sight seeing area filled with signs of beggary for help. Want to visit any casino or locale? It'll be hard to find any busy attractions.

Las Vegas 2027

#5: Havana (Assassin's Creed Black Flag)

Sandy beaches, a sparkling town and just look at how much fun this guy is having with that great looking town!

Assassins Creed Havana

#4: Columbia (Bioshock Infinite)

The floating plots of Columbia are filled with rich history and a large variety of areas or attractions to visit. The people are always friendly with a large smile, though watch out as they do have some racial tendencies. Other than that the monuments and museums each offer a beautiful historical religious feel.

Assassins Creed Havana

#3: Los Perdidos (Dead Rising 3)

The climate is always warm and welcoming with many differing attractions or things to do. Visit the the always packed downtown or even check out the smaller areas to take in the smaller culture that the city is famous for, just watch out that you don't get bit!

Los Perdidos

#2: Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto V)

A massive island land for you to explore with vast amounts of area to trek around while doing all sorts of activities. Take to the skies exploringm check the backlands and visit the buisness packed downtown area or beaches.

Los Santos

#1: Dragon's Triangle (Tomb Raider)

Take in the deep history, explore the ancient tombs or take in the variety of wildlife across its many beautiful terrains. The Dragon's Triangle is the ultimate spot to visit from this past year packed full of activities like archery or even take classes on survival training. Just look at the great time that this young lady is having!

Dragon's Triangle

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Article by: Jason Stettner