Top 10 Most Anticipated Games 2014

As a early tradition I will go over my most anticipated games of this upcoming year, basically the games I am most looking forward to playing in 2014. I didn't bother adding any Wii U titles as I don't have faith in any of Nintendo's release dates as they keep delaying everything. So enjoy this brief look into the future of announcements thus far into the year. Oh and Elder Scrolls will also not be on here as I don't support their payment scheme, sorry. On final note I also excluded The Division since after some recent comments and lack of display I am unsure that it will come out this year, though I can't wait to play it whenever it does! If I missed your most anticipated comment at the bottom...

Sad Wii U

#10: Lego The Movie Game

This just sneaks on here as it won't be anything too high of top notch amazing, but this game will definitely be one of the more interesting Lego games and be something that I will have a blast on. With Marvel Lego bringing a refreshment for me I will happily be playing through this.

Lego The Movie Game

#9: Wolfenstein: The New Order

The entries to Wolfenstein last generation were fun, but they really lacked that passionate spark of which Return to Castle Wolfenstein had. This game takes place in an alternate future and brings promise of bringing this beloved franchse right back up to the top of shooter's hearts. I look forward to this title and I hope it brings all it promises, but for now I remain observantly watching.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

#8: Dying Light

I don't have much to say for this title other than the mixture of zombies, smart traps and insane parkour are the attracting items for me to want this game. I'm definitely willing to give it a try and hopefully the zombie game brings a new light to this crowded area of gaming.

Dying Light

#7: Alien Isolation

I put this title lower than maybe it should have been for the fact that I am shaky of this franchise after the last title that was quite meh overall. Though on the opposite of that this survival horror of an individual against an alien could present a feeling of which Alien fans have been searching deeply for. I for one will be at leasting checking this out to make a decision for myself, I think it will at least be decent from those few details shown.

Alien Isolation

#6: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I love Beenox Spider-Man titles, I though they have all been fantastic and will continue to show bias until proven otherwise. This one looks as great as the last even bringing Kraven in to hopefully shake a morality in Peter on his path within this next title. The graphics shown were slightly less impressing, though I enjoyed the last one and I'm sure that will be repeated this time around.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

#5: Sunset Overdrive

Announced at E3 I still don't have a clue what this game is about other then persistant online that randomly changes and that it is to come out this year. It looks great and Insomniac traditionally doesn't make games for Xbox, so this should be a different experience.

Sunset Overdrive

#4: Halo

Not as high as usual, as I really don't know anything about this Halo other than it is supposed to be coming this year. As this is the first time we are without a Halo right off the bat I am in deep need of getting my fix. There's just something about the way that Halo brings people together that makes it a vastly important part of the gaming community. Where ever Spartan 117 goes, I can't wait to be joining him.

Halo 5

#3: Evolve

A complete and random announcement recently I'm hyped to play this. From those minds that helped present Left 4 Dead a similar styled cooperative shooter. I mean it has evolving aliens and beasts or such with some classes of characters I'm sure we'll love. The mystery, along with the random show-off is enough to warrant a near top spot on this list.


#2: Titanfall

Titanfall is of most discussion after all of its awards and initial praise. After having played it the rush you get is amazing and I can't really say anything other than keep waiting on this as it will pay of as one of the best titles this year. Whatever happens it will be a surprise of how the community reacts, along with the critics after playing it all. It's big on multiplayer and that may very well turn away some individuals.


#1: Destiny

If you didn't know a little studio named Bungie is making this title, they used to make this game you might have heard of titled Halo. Which is back on this very list none the less, well everyone is waiting for this in the world and I don't blame them. It looks great, the videos have been great and the beta is to be out this summer. I'm not going to say anything except I expect this to probably be the best game this year.


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