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Xbox One Holiday Gift Guide 2015

This will be the first official Xbox One Holiday guide from Gamerheadquarters for the 2015 holiday season. It's been an exciting year in gaming and especially for Xbox One which has had a huge year of titles along with content. This guide is created in mind for those looking to get their first Xbox One or even buy another one going over the best bundles, games and accessories you will need to get a good start on Xbox One!

Xbox One Bundles

Xbox really went all out this year in creating a very wide range of Xbox One Bundles and I've cut through them to find the best value for differing kinds of players. This is of course opinion based, but just content wise I think these four hit the general player markets the best.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Bundle
Includes: Xbox One Console; Rise of the Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider Definitive and a 1TB Hard Drive
Price: $399 (currently sale $349)

Why: The rebirth of Tomb Raider is amazing creating a defining story mixed with great exploration aspects for some of the best games to grace us in current times. Rise of the Tomb Raider was a masterpiece as we gave it 10/10. Check our RotTR Review
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1TB Holiday Bundle
Includes: Xbox One Console; Rare Replay, Ori and the Blind Forest, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition "Comes with digital code with all Gears of War Xbox 360 titles to download if played before end of 2015" and a 1TB Hard Drive
Price: $399 (currently sale $349)

Why: This is honestly the best bundle of them all bringing you the entire Gears of War franchise, Rare Replay which is a collection of thirty classic titles and Ori and the Blind Forest which is a lovely game. So much content for such great value, it's insanity!
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Fallout 4 Bundle
Includes: Xbox One Console; Fallout 4, Fallout 3 Xbox 360 and a 1TB Hard Drive
Price: $399 (currently sale $349)

Why: Fallout is a huge franchise which is beloved by many and a huge RPG title. This bundle includes Fallout 4 and the classic Fallout 3 title for download via backwards compatibility.
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Rise of the Tomb Raider Bundle
Includes: Xbox One Console; Kinect, Dance Central Spotlight, Zoo Tycoon, Kinect Sports: Rivals and a 500GB Hard Drive
Price: $450

Why: This bundle includes the awesome Kinect which is seriously a great, yet neglected item for Xbox One which I heavily suggest for the family as you control everything with voice. This bundle is also the best geared towards the younger audience as it comes with Dance Central which is a great Kinect dancing game, Zoo Tycoon where you get to build a Zoo park and Kinect Sports Rivals which is a collection of sports titles for Kinect.
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Xbox One Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Xbox One Games

The games you can play the consoles are possibly more important than the actual devices themselves. Luckily Xbox One has a wide range of titles that greatly vary for whatever you're looking for. In this part of the guide we've broken it down into general games for the regular gamers, family friendly titles and free to play games to check out once on Xbox Live!

Best Holiday General Games
The Witcher 3
-Amazing and massive RPG game that has one of the largest base campaigns I've ever played.
Fallout 4
-The return of a much loved RPG franchise centered around life after a nuclear war, you also get a dog and can build a settlement out of scraps you find lying around.
Rise of the Tomb Raider
-Lara Croft returns as a much more confident individual and embraces her life of Tomb Raiding in stellar fashion as she continues her father's work.
Rare Replay
-30 classic Rare game spanning all generations put together in one incredibly cheap bundle, definite must have.
Halo 5: Guardians
-Continues the story of the Master Chief bringing Guardians into the equation with larger cooperative campaign teams. It also features a completely refined multiplayer and it's Halo, basically the flagship of Xbox since it released on the Xbox Original.
Gears of War Ultimate Edition
-Beautiful remaster for the original Gears of War which updated multiplayer for a definite Gears of War experience. Also includes all four Gears of War Xbox 360 games via backwards compatibility for a limited time.
Life is Strange
-An episodic adventure featuring a young girl that can manipulate time, one of the best games of the year for sure.
Forza Motorsport 6
-The best driving game out there in its sixth iteration brings the largest set of vehicles, tracks and options ever in a racing game.

Xbox One Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Best Holiday Family Games
Rare Replay
-Listed this earlier in general games, but 30 classic Rare titles for a cheap price. The majority of these titles are all great for the younger audience such as Viva Pinata titles, Banjo titles and the other older classic.
LEGO Dimensions
-This is a pricier game since it comes with some LEGO figures though still not badly priced packing hours of gameplay into the experience. Even if they get bored of the game there are new packs every few months to expand the game or they can just play with the LEGO characters as they're just regular minifigs!
Disney Infinity 3.0
-Disney Infinity 3 is a huge step for the series creating a massive area to play in with whatever figures you might have and large areas of the sandbox for people to create in. Everything is friendly, the toys look great and user created content greatly expands the experience. Definitely suggest this game as a toy to game experience as it's just so expansive. There are also additionally story based packs with new figures that release throughout the year as well. The particular focus this year is alos Star Wars which is a huge draw to many.
Minecraft: Xbox One
-While not being new, it's a must have for the family audience since it's essentially a staple at this point. It's the ultimate sandbox for creativity and interactions with others as you quest these beautiful randomly generated worlds together. One of the biggest games of all time and a huge draw for all ages.
Minecraft: Story Mode
-This game attempts to give Minecraft a story and does this in an interactive movie style that is definitely geared towards the younger audience. It's got great family friendly humor with a great supporting cast and you can play as either gender with your character.
Just Dance 2015
-Great dancing game that's up to date with current songs though I wouldn't suggest getting without a Kinect. Another great dancing game is Dance Central: Spotlight, both are great dancing games.
Goat Simulator
-A wacky game where you play as a goat and go around destroying things. There are two versions of the game with differing goat options and it all can be played in goat coop. It's hilarious.

Xbox One Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Free to Play Games
This is easier if I just list them, they're all free so it doesn't hurt to check out any of them. Will also link our Top 10 Free to Play Xbox One games that bottom too if you're looking at the best of the games.

Smite; Killer Instinct, Warframe, World of Tanks, Battle Island, Xbox Fitness, Neverwinter, Gems of War, Frozen, Project Spark, Happy Wars, Magic Duels: Origins, Onigirl, Air Mech Arena, Pinball Arcade and Pinball FX2

Top 10 Xbox One Free to Play Games

Other Information
You will also need a Xbox Live subscription in order to play online, get free games and benefits of the membership. These run for about $60 a year though there are deals all the time and most consoles come with trials to check it out. It's well worth the money for the experiences.

When it comes to controllers you just need regular controllers. There's an elite controller option though that's only for really serious games and a bit of luxury. While I just love it, I can't personally suggest it to everyone due to the cost and that it's rare to find. Additionally, you may need a headset depending on the bundle which are usually $30 and definitely a bunch of batteries for the controller! Re-charging batteries are the best and what I use. I also really suggest getting a Kinect as it makes the console much better and plugging in your TV to the console so you can use it instead of having to switch inputs. The Xbox One is the ultimate media console so it really does become your TV after awhile.

Now is the best time to get on Xbox One since the consoles are cheap, the bundles carry everything and it just received backwards compatibility so you can play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One for free if you own them on Disc or Digital! If you have any questions or I missed something let me know.

Top 10 Xbox One Games Year Two (2015)

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