Top 10 Steam Summer Sale Games 2016

The Steam Summer Sale 2016 continues the sacred event that lines the pockets of developers while making gamers empty their wallets for the deals of insanity. Since it's about halfway through at this point I thought it would be great to go over some of the best deals and must have games that are currently on crazy deals. The Steam Summer Sale is certainly a magical time and I'm sure there's at least one game that you might not have in your collection at this point. This list is on particular order in order to just name ten great deals that I would most definitely suggest. I've also included a price range for which the games will be around, this of course depends on your region as I'm located in Canada.

#10: Life is Strange

One of the most incredible games of 2015 is now 50% for the entire season or just a couple dollars for the first episode if you need to test it out. I can't ever suggest this title enough as its absolutely beautiful. It's an episodic series that follows a girl that gains the abilities to manipulate time and allows you to make devastating choices throughout. Price range $12

Life is Strange Steam Summer Sale

#9: The Witcher 3

The absolute best game of 2015, our site winner is now 50% making this one hell of a deal. It's just an endless world featuring a straight up 25 hour plus campaign if you don't do any side missions and DLC that's also 20 hours each. While the core game is 50% off you can also grab the DLC for 33% and if that's not enough the first two Witcher games are also a dollar or two each though I can't personally suggest those ones. Price range $30

The Witcher 3 Steam Summer Sale

#8: Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was another heavy hitter from last year continuing the apocalypse in Boston bringing with it hours of gameplay and DLC to expand the experience. This one is also 50% off currently and a great title for RPG fans, though I'm sure most will have this game. It features a fantastic story that lets you choose what happens to the Commonwealth you live, there's also settlement mode to make your own little town areas. Price range $40

Fallout 4 Steam Summer Sale

#7: Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is an early access title set to release in the near future bringing with it almost weekly updates and a huge survival world filled with ancient creatures such as dinosaurs. It's a massive world with many options to manage your life and a ton of fun with friends or interacting with randoms. The sale is great coming in at 45% off which is insane and a steal for this constantly improving title. Price range $18

Ark: Survival Evolved Steam Summer Sale

#6: Civilization V

The Civilization series should need no introduction at this point and if you're looking for something to bridge the time before Civ6 you can grab the Complete Edition of Civ5 for that coming in at 92% off and includes every expansion for this massive title. If you don't somehow know about this series it's the ultimate just one more turn strategy title about evolving through time, it's amazing. Price range $10

Civilizatio V Steam Summer Sale

#5: Left 4 Dead 2

While this might be one of the older games out there, Left 4 Dead 2 is the best cooperative zombie game ever featuring a solid squad and a full campaign. It also now includes the entire first game basically, just upgraded with the improvements in L4D2. This game is well kept alive with in-depth mods in the workshop and crazy 20 player multiplayer versus online coming in at 80% off. Price range: $4

Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Summer Sale

#4: Dying Light: The Following

Dying Light was one of the recent surprises bringing with it a crazy zombie parkour world and if you haven't checked it out then this is the package. It includes the entire experience with upgrades and the entire new DLC area which is rather massive. This comes in at 50% off which is a steal considering the many hours of potential play time. Price range $30

Dying Light: The Following Steam Summer Sale

#3: Age of Empires Legacy Bundle

The Age of Empires series is amazing and while not getting a new entry in a long time has been given some HD remasters of the classics. This bundle is damn amazing coming in at 85% off featuring Age of Empires II HD + 2 DLC packs and Age of Empires 3. This is a RTS where you build up your city through the ages while waging war on others. Price range $10

Age of Empires Steam Summer Sale

#2: Rise of the Tomb Raider

While it may not be a crazy deal you can grab Lara Croft's latest stunning adventure for 35% off which is a solid deal. This continues the story of the rebooted Lara as she becomes more confident and begins to seek the truth behind her father's death. It deals with an emotional and ever stronger Lara which was incredible. Price range $45

Rise of the Tomb Raider Steam Summer Sale

#1: The Ship Remasted

The Ship is back being remastered completely on Steam Early Access and it's already great. The game is currently 66% off and updated with new maps and levels constantly as its being rebuilt. There are already a number of ships available and the game runs solid, the goal is to kill your target while also not being killed. It's fun, creepy and great fun for groups of people so definitely suggest it. Price range $7

The Ship Remasted Steam Summer Sale

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