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The Ship is one of my favorite games, it's one of those titles that you would play on the odd night when you're in the spirit of a murder mystery. Not so much the mystery part, but it's a game where you're attempting to seek out people to kill. Those people also have contracts as well so you need to be watchful of everyone as one wrong turn could be your end. There are of course a number of modes present so it's not always and the same with a number of great tweaks to customize the experience. It's currently in early access with some great plotted out additions so the potential to make this great is definitely already there. The developer has done this by showing off extra content as blanked out area and writing updates for The Ship on their site. This game is of course a remake of a semi-popular gem that was hidden in Steam since it was difficult to get into servers. This version aims to re-create that magic with easier access so players can quickly play without the hassles. At the moment only lan is available for sixteen players and bots up to fifteen players.

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From what I've played which is quite a few rounds I found that the bots need a ton of work since they often bumped into each other or piled into one area. They also got real strange when I would walk near my target as they would just pace around instead of moving anywhere else. Occasionally they would act properly or how I remember it with real people going into rooms, though they definitely need adjustments. The game also has a great focus on needing to do regular lively tasks such as going to the bathroom, showering and sleeping which keeps everyone moving around. It was great to replay familiar locations from the past and see them greatly touched up, the game really does shine. It's also just as fun as it used to be waiting for that right moment before striking with an axe or whatever other weapon you found lying around. I look forward to the online servers as that's when the real fun begins, it's much better to hunt with real players as go all crazy when others are watching. Murdering others also isn't as easy as one would imagine since you can only do it in certain areas or face jail time and it's hard to get people into the right target spots. It'll be great when online multiplayer comes into play and I'll probably right something else when that comes around. The Ship is a great game and I'd suggest checking out this remastered as it already gives a good tease of what's to come while working fine at this moment. Feel free to check out some gameplay below from when I hunted the bots and I'll have more updates on The Ship Remastered in the future.

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Impressions Made on The Ship Remasted during Steam Early Access
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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner