Fallout 4 Scrapbook

I've been able to put in about five hours of time into Fallout 4 so far and thought it might be fun to keep a scrapbook of what I've come across on my journeys in the wasteland so far. My travels so far have been full of action and exploration with so many neat things to discover. These images don't spoil any aspects of the story despite having characters or locations that are part of the story, though most are just neat screenshots I took of side things within the game. I also have included some information about each photograph to give some story to these images.

Fallout 4 Halloween House in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This first shot is somber as it paints a picture of this regular estates area celebrating the well known festivity of Halloween. Decorations were found all across the house and also in other houses around the block.

Fallout 4 River in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This shot is just a nice view of my living area with my old pre-war house being found to the left. I thought this was a lovely shot as it shows this flowing river with a great backdrop in what still looks like a beautiful yet ravaged area.

Fallout 4 History of War Museum in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This shot is a long stretch of road leading into the center of the first town I visit with a History of War Museum being at the far end of the street.

Fallout 4 Red Rocket Gas Station in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This shot is also really important as it shows the first settlement area I could build with. I added some of my own doors, a bed to sleep on, a chair to relax on and of course a wall to protect my location.

Fallout 4 Dog in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This shot really doesn't have much context to it as I thought it was just a great setting considering the color and just the thought of exploration with my loyal dog.

Fallout 4 Mutated Cow in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

I like this capture as it was done in mid-motion with this crazy mutated twin headed cow which I've never seen before. It was really surprising that this thing just sprinted by me after I took on some ghouls.

Fallout 4 Nuka Cherry in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

I personally am a huge fan of crazy advertisement and particularly old rusted designs. This looked neat against the sky with the new Nuka Cherry which I can say is awesome.

Fallout 4 Drive-In in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

It's sad I never got to experience a movie in this drive-in and even more sad that all these folks were just trying to watch a film before the nuclear explosion.

Fallout 4 Boston City in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

I climbed up to the top of the drive-in screen to take a look at the city and this is the shot I got. Also there were many signs of someone living in this area despite no one being in the area so I just took everything I could from the BBQ.

Fallout 4 Boston City in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This picture actually came before the drive-in shots I believe after going past the cow I stood on a rock and looked towards the city, this one also looks great while capturing some scale.

Fallout 4 Bank Robbery in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

I don't know if this scene is hilarious or really depressing as this couple was or group though I think it was a couple were robbing a bank before perishing. There was even money on the ground from before the war though I picked it all up before actually noticing the scene around me.

Fallout 4 Basketball in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This was another fun screenshot as I must really wonder what exactly happened for this still flesh filled body to die within the basketball hoop...

Fallout 4 Tombstone in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This is another one of the really emotional and sad shots of this poor wheelchair confined individual that I'm guessing was of elderly age visiting the tombstone of a beloved one with weltered flowers accompanying the spot.

Fallout 4 Settler in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

At this point I was still trying to gather people for my community and decided to help this settler with taking out a horde of radroaches. She didn't decide to join my cause, but nicely gave me 50 bottlecaps for my troubles and then walked away.

Fallout 4 War Suit in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

I suppose this is also a sad scene as there was a crashed military helicopter you can see in the background and this power suit actually had a dead military individual to the site of it.

Fallout 4 Orange Haze in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This is another one of my purely aesthetic shots showing off the day when an orange haze covered the land. There's some beautiful weather patterns and walking through the wasteland with this tint of orange was glorious.

Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Ad in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

Thought this was a neat Nuka Cola advertisement and actually have the shirt with this design on it myself, looks cool.

Fallout 4 Diamond City in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

While looking for someone important to myself I headed over to this famed community area called Diamond City in the heart of Boston, this was the scene of combat I was greeted to. Never a calm moment in the wasteland sadly.

Fallout 4 Diamond City Guard in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

Just a bit more down the road towards Diamond City thought the pose of the card and the sign created a need picture.

Fallout 4 Diamond City Interior in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

Diamond City was filled with local shopkeepers and people though felt this center area was a definite draw of the eyes.

Fallout 4 Boston Park in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

This shot is largely peaceful after dealing with a series of raiders before and I just thought this shot was perfect to display this desolate city. There was also a nice tour bot that came out to give me information on the place.

Fallout 4 Piper in Fallout 4 Scrapbook

I wanted to get one more shot in of my lovely friend Piper which has quickly become my favorite ally in the wasteland. A member of the press with a sarcastic attitude and deadly aim, definitely worthy of a quick shot.

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner