Minecraft 1.2 Better Together Update

Minecraft will be receiving its largest change and reset ever with the 1.2 Better Together Update. Along with a host of improvements which I'll include below there will be cross-play between Pocket Edition; Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Virtual Reality. That means each of these versions of Minecraft will be easily able to play with one another. This is a huge change for the game and with that will come many new features. I'll now include a list of all key changes that players across the platforms can expect with the update. Note that not all the update features may be new to your platform, but will be available on this new standard of the game for Better Together.

-Windows 10/PE beta available July 31, 2017
-Xbox One beta available between August 1-11th
-Xbox One will have access to servers over beta, will arrive in waves
-Xbox upgrade, if on disc version to get the new Minecraft you must have played over 5 hours or have bought a DLC pack
-Xbox disc will not be able to be in the Better Together beta
-Xbox One will support add-ons through USB drives, maybe Nintendo Switch since it also has USB
-Realms not supported in the beta or any beta versions
-Xbox Map Import to latest version
-Nintendo Map Import to latest version
-Super Duper Graphics Pack will not be part of this update, will arrive after. Perhaps with Xbox One X release.
-Releases in Autumn, September/October expected

Minecraft Better Together Cover
-Book and Quill (this allows players to write books)
-Stained Glass and the option to alter beacon light with them
-Netherrack Brick, Fossil, Nether Wart Block and Magma Block
-Map in the off-hand (allows for say a sword and map combination)
-Armor Displays
-Bonus Chest
-New Game Rules Menu area
-Game Host options and controls
-Temperature now decreases with height
-New UI for common / commands
-Offline guides, tips and tutorials
-Jukebox and Records (Jukebox hero!)
-Parrots (they dance to music)
-Maps show other players
-Classic Crafting option for touch, changed UI
-Multiple dirt hoe options (coarse dirt)

I'll be expanding this as new features are announced, it's an amazing set of new options and changes. This should be a really impressive change for the game as the standard blocks, creatures and other fun things come together for a true version of the game. While nothing is particularly out of the box as far as being fresh, it's a welcomed selection of items. Be sure to check out our Minecraft hub for awesome content from the game!

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner