Minecraft Better Together Update: What to Expect

The biggest update to ever hit Minecraft is upon us and with that here is what to expect when it arrives. The update is planned for Summer 2017 which we've pinned down to be August and I would say towards the latter of the month. The Better Together update is focused on adding cross-play between all important versions of the game. This means that everyone on Windows 10; Pocket Edition, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and VR (virtual reality) will be connected. The way they've set this up is that a new free version of the game will be released for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch that's simply called "Minecraft" for existing owners of the game.

From what I understand it'll be basically the same version that Windows 10/PE currently share, but optimized for the platforms. What's even more awesome about this is that all your past saves will be brought forward and DLC owned will be shared across all versions. That means you won't have to leave behind your legendary survival worlds or perhaps amazing PVP arenas that have had years of progress put forth. For DLC, say you own the Adventure Time world, you now own it on all these platforms for no extra charge. All of this however excludes Playstation versions of the game since Sony felt it was unsafe, to which I am incredibly disappointed in them.

Minecraft Better Together Update: What to Expect
This will be a completely amazing change for the game and one that should greatly increase the player base for multiplayer matches which is a huge focus currently. That means access to the amazing Community Store with additional DLC content to play and that your content can be carried or shared anywhere. Play with your friends no matter where they own Minecraft whether that's with regular matches, Realms or servers. That's right, Realms will be available on all those platforms where you can own a 24/7 easily managed server. I definitely suggest checking out our Realm since it's awesome with over 120 members at the time of writing and growing. (View that here)

There will also be access to servers such as Lifeboat, Mineplex, InPVP, and CubeCraft. These four have been chosen for launch to be secure and safe with child features if parents need to use them. A final note will be that a 4K ultra Minecraft texture update will be available following the release of Better Together for those that want to use it. It offers HDR gameplay, 4k visuals, shadows and improved lighting among other minor tweaks. This will also have a Super Duper Graphics Pack that releases with it.

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