E3 2016 Predictions

E3 2016 is fast approaching so I thought at this point before receiving any real bookings or sign-ups, would be a great time to do my pre-E3 2016 predictions. These are my predictions and guesses on what will happen during this year's event for each of the major conference holders along with what I expect to see on the floor. This is mostly based on past trends, current industry rumors and my experience from covering E3 2015. Hopefully most of what I predict happens, but that's all the fun in putting this together and in the past I'm usually fairly on point.

I thought I'd start off easy with the Xbox conference and event reveals which at this point is basically a science. Their showings are usually very similar and the event itself is amazing if you ever have the chance to go as their conference is like a rock show somewhat in-person.

E3 2016 Predictions

The Predictions:
-Conference will announce a pile of backwards compatible games available now
-Conference will announce Xbox Original titles coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility
-Conference will announce Xbox 360 titles playable on Windows 10
-Conference will announce Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 6: Nascar available now (Xbox One/Windows 10 for both)
-Conference might have a free Forza Motorsport 6 track, they usually d
-Before the conference show they will announce a new character for Killer Instinct Season 3, which will be Raam from Gears of War
-Conference will have a Gears of War 4 walkthrough of a campaign level demo, I feel that multiplayer gameplay will be shown behind closed doors and available during a media event
-Conference will have a Halo 6 teaser, coming in late 2017 as they're trying to alternate shooters
-Conference will announce Xbox One Slim/Upgraded Specs, everyone in stage will have one shipped to them (they did it for Xbox 360 Slim). Everyone else can buy that week, as its been in mass production since February.
-Conference there will be a new 3rd party title releasing in 2017 that they will have marketing rights to
-Conference, Battlefield 1 marketing rights announced like Playstation used to have previously
-Conference, there will be the return of an old franchise IP (Perfect Dark/Conker/Shadowrun/Blinx or another)
-Conference; Crackdown gameplay, ReCore gameplay, Indie promo roll, Ori and the Blind Forest 2 (2017), Sea of Thieves gameplay
-Conference; some sort of VR announcement package with Oculus
-During the show; tons of new indie games to check out and show off Windows 10 Anniversary update
-We won't hear about Fable or Phantom Dust
-Forgot Halo Wars 2 and perhaps a Dead Rising 4 exclusive announcement.

E3 2016 Predictions

I feel Nintendo will have a week presence this year with a single title. It shows a lack of confidence in their new console NX and its plain silly to not take advantage of the biggest gaming event of the year. They could basically steal the show with their new reveal if it's exciting, but I highly doubt it. -We will see The Legend of Zelda 2017 (WiiU)
-I doubt it, but pray Nintendo changes their minds and show the NX as it's stupid not to.
-I doubt it, but also pray they show other titles such as a new Animal Crossing (WiiU/NX)

I'll be honest in saying that for many years I just skip the Playstation conference and read quick notes, but I'll try my best here. I'm much more interested as well now since I picked up the console back in November or December and it's been a solid addition to my line-up having already reviewed a good handful of games for it.

-Conference they'll show Playstation 4.5/Neo or whatever the name which is powerful and meant to mainly work with PSVR, it will get spec release and final date release
-Conference will show final version of Playstation VR along with a demo reel
-Conference will have three first party games from existing franchises for launch of VR
-Conference, update on Final Fantasy VII Remastered along with Shenmue 3
-Conference, more games added to PS Now and more PS2 classics on the store
-Conference, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare level walkthrough and all DLC first on Playstation
-Conference, pile of new indie games in a demo reel
-Conference Crash Bandicoot remake like with Ratchet & Clank
-Conference, Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough and release date
-Conference, new Star Wars title with Playstation focused content like with Battlefront
-Conference, Destiny 2 will be announced with exclusive Playstation content
-Playstation will have some sort of sale to coincide with E3 2016
-Last Guardian news will be slim to none, unless it's surprise release.

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E3 2016 Predictions

I'm now just going to do some small details for other publishers that will be at E3 2016

-They will have a big Dishonored 2 reveal level walkthrough
-Doom season pass details
-The Elder Scrolls 6 (VI) as we're do for one and makes sense they'd have a conference for it, will release in 2016 like Fallout 4 did last year
-Fallout 4 additional DLC reveal

-Ghost Recon: Wildlands gameplay + beta reveal
-For Honor multiplayer walkthrough
-The Division DLC expansion pack reveal
-South Park: The Fractured but Whole level walkthrough
-Just Dance 2017, new Trials game and maybe a proper Rainbow Six tease (campaign + multiplayer R6 title)

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner