Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is Getting a Ton of Hate

While Call of Duty does traditionally get a handful of negative individuals commenting towards the latest reveals from the series it seems as though Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is getting a ton of hate. It's not surprising at there was definitely initial backlash from the series heading towards another futuristic version of the series and that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remastered could only be purchased through a Legacy Edition. To be fair it's a smart money making move to include the remaster with the higher version as that is the big draw of the game and I'm personally going to do it just for Cod4. It's strange however the particular negativity towards this version of the series as there isn't anything that drastically different. Perhaps we're at a point where players are just sick of the series or some other reason that's really making this out to be terrible. I actually somewhat liked the trailer despite feeling some fatigue on the series having skipped Black Ops 3 and not being that into since Modern Warfare 3. I've still bought all the games except for the last one as it's the best party game to get since everyone seems to own them yearly, but something has struck a chord with players in regards to Infinite Warfare.

When looking at the trailer above it looks completely different in terms of featuring space battles which Star Wars: Battlefront doesn't (quick jab) and returns to ground based warfare. I'm tired of the quick movement of titles and this one seems to remove the exo suits and weird super abilities which is what people were wanting before the trailer released so why the change of heart? I also wanted to mention that there might be super suits in the game, we're not sure until we see actual gameplay instead of a pump up cinematic. It also sends us off to space as those planets had beautiful backdrops which I thought were nice and we get a cool set of robotic friends that appear to help out in combat. Despite this I can see players purely getting tired of the series that hasn't quite hit the marks it used to and being forced to buy their beloved Modern Warfare as part of a premium package.

As of writing the trailer above is getting a huge load of down votes currently at 148,000 + votes versus 166,000 - votes. This is of course a negative balance and a first for the series as the other trailers going back as far as five years seem to carry a 4 to 1 positive vote in each. These are of course just generalized for simplicity and it gives you an idea of just how harsh players are reacting to Infinite Warfare's reveal. Comments wise people are cheering for down votes; others are comparing the game to Halo, some just want Modern Warfare separate and a couple more are the usual Battlefield is better. Its great players are voicing their opinions, but honestly I feel we should give Infinity Ward more of a chance. At least until E3 2016 when we see a full gameplay walkthrough and read some impressions, it doesn't seem fair to judge them so early. I say this based on the studio's work on the core of the Call of Duty series and the Modern Warfare trilogy. That aside, you can check out this hilarious satire below which covers what many players feel about the franchise at this point.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner