Top 10 Xbox One Free to Play Games 2

I compiled an original list of the Top 10 Xbox One Free to Play games, but times have changed and there are now many more options available. I thought it would be best to compile an entirely new selection of ten great and completely free games you can play on Xbox One. I'll note that I didn't include any free episodic type games since just the first part is free and these are entirely free games you can play on the console. There's a great selection of titles here which I definitely think are worth your time, not only because of the being free but the general quality of them. I'll also give a quick mention to Dungeon Defenders II which I love, yet couldn't add as it's a complete mess at the time of writing.

#10: DC Universe Online

This game has been building a strong collection over a long period of time on PC and now that it's on consoles that entire experience has been ported over in all its glory. Play as a hero or villain and enjoy this narrative driven online experience set within the massive DC Universe.

#9: Happy Dungeons

I always really loved Happy Wars as it was just fun, Happy Dungeons is the cheerful follow-up to that. Wage wars across a variety of randomly generating dungeons whether that's in the campaign that features a full story or in just random dungeons as a cooperative squad.

#8: Marvel Heroes Omega (No Longer Running)

Play as a massive roster of Marvel Super Heroes from every property and collect as many as you can. This spans everything from the classic comic character to the MCU, those Netflix Originals and even outside of MCU properties such as the X-Men. Enjoy a regular story with whatever combination you'd like in this expanding and intense RPG experience.

Crossout Wallpaper Xbox One

#7: Crossout

Think of Mad Max meets World of Tanks where you create your very own and entirely customizable vehicle. Once its built you take the fight online where every single piece of your vehicle can get blasted off in quick and intense combat modes. There's a good variety of content here from modes to maps and of course vehicle pieces.

#6: Fallout Shelter

I've wasted way too many hours running my vault and it only got worse with this Xbox Play Anywhere game. Enjoy the game on Xbox whether you play the console or with Windows 10. Run a massive vault with dwellers you guide however you'd like while building structures to support them and then sending out select individuals to quest across the wasteland.

#5: Gwent

Care for a round of Gwent? The magical card game that really shined within The Witcher 3 has now been given the full standalone treatment. It's magical as you work on building a deck of cards to unleash upon others with many of the classic characters, creatures and aspects of The Witcher universe that one might expect.

Gigantic Wallpaper Xbox One

#4: Trove

Trove really is a perfect open world game for all ages, with the younger ones particularly loving this game. It's got elements of an RPG with the combination of block building and destruction that feels similar to Minecraft. Battle across massive themed biomes, level and tackle dangerous dungeons.

#3: Gigantic

I've been following Gigantic for a very long time and was even there to hear about it first at E3. Since then the game has grown beautifully featuring intense competitive play with a wide range of characters to choose from. It's a fast paced MOBA and Xbox Play Anywhere game with lovely graphics that mix into the competitive action well.

#2: Paladins

Playing very similar to Overwatch I actually enjoy this game more as it provides a unique setting and roster of characters. It feels well balanced with quick and intense matches. There's little room for error as you die quickly and then run back into the action. The modes are great, the game looks visually fantastic and it's a lot of fun for groups of friends.

#1: Phantom Dust

I put Phantom Dust at the top as it's literally the full original Xbox game but revamped for the modern console at no cost. Enjoy the entire campaign, improved graphics and multiplayer. As far as free games go on the console this one really does easily top the list.

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