Top 10 Shooter Games of 2017

The shooter genre; whether that's first, third or other person perspectives provide many hours of typically competitive action and are always a huge draw in the gaming industry. I spend quite a lot of my casual gaming time engaged in these titles as the thrills of online battles never truly ceases. Here are a variety of titles from the genre that bring the intense combat in unique ways and capture the attention of players with either fun gun based combat or perhaps a focus on realism. These are the top 10 shooter games of 2017 in a ranked order. I also want to mention that early access titles don't count here, Fortnite and Quake Champions are both excellent shooters to play.

#10: Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash

With great surprise, yes Peach Beach Splash is actually a really decent third person shooter. It can be hilarious and suggestive at times, but it provides some fast paced frantic action. There's even water based executions and variable cards that mix up the action.

#9: Splatoon 2

Splat, ink it up in the next step of Nintendo's strangely competitive Splatoon game. It's colorful, fun and full of depth across the entire experience. It may not be as intense as the others, yet it brings just as many combative thrills. It's also very appropriate for all ages.

#8: Sniper Elite 4

Releasing so early in the year this probably gets overlooked which is a pity since it's a great shooter. The weapons in the campaign are great as you pull off some purely nasty skillshots or just blast down enemies at a close range. The multiplayer is just as great being competitive with an array of weapons being used. Some will shoot at a distance and others will go in for the intimate attacks, it's solid.

Call of Duty: WWII Xbox One Screenshot

#7: Prey

Prey feels great for a different reason and that is the smaller confined rooms of the space station. That with a combination of almost magical abilities mixes things up. It may lack the competitive multiplayer, yet the guns are just fun to use against whatever things come your way.

#6: Lawbreakers

Lawbreakers is actually really good, it's a nice mix up for the competitive space and the guns are vicious offering little remorse. There's a nice variation within them across the classes and that adds a unique element to it all. This paired with the break in gravity and the objective based modes offer a unique shooter. It also carries some old school elements as you pick up ammo or health along the way.

#5: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

This fresh Wolfenstein series has a great traditional style to it that brings the shooter concept back to its roots. It works well for the game as you grab ammo by the handful and that's matched with the other items you pick up such as health. Annihilate troves of enemies in various ways while occasionally getting to use some strange weapons along the way.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC Screenshot

#4: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has issues, but as a shooter it works really well. There's a great selection of weapons to use and the multiplayer is quite competitive. The game has a good balance when it comes to straight up firefights, the power abilities do somewhat disrupt that flow. For the most part and in general it's great as a shooter. That's whether you're hammering sponge enemies in the campaign or working to tackle other Guardians online.

#3: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG gets tactical combat right offering a plethora of weapons and attachments to scavenge for as you attempt to survive against the many others around you. Reloading, shooting and using your patience to focus makes the combat here extremely tense. Those last few firefights are particularly stressful and that's carried into almost any smaller scale conflict in the game. Any bullet can be deadly and it's all about getting the right jump on enemies.

#2: Star Wars Battlefront II

Complain about some aspects all you want, when it comes to gameplay its damn authentic to Star Wars and a lot of fun. I love how the blasters handle with a wide range of options being present. They work efficiently, cool down in a competitive way and are a treat to handle. They look awesome while they're firing and with so many players present at once the larger battles feel epic.

#1: Call of Duty: WWII

The return to World War II did not go unnoticed as the mostly authentic weapons handle perfectly well and aside from snipers at times the competitive play feels balanced. There are many attachments to work towards and the class effect on weapons is an interesting mechanic for mixing up the player base. This aspect factors into the many modes and the War option is an excellent change for multiplayer offering objective based combat in a typically individualistic title.

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