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Top 10 Planets We'd like to see in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is going to support every Star Wars era and with that, here are the top 10 planets I'd like to see included in the game. These planets are from each of the eras and ones that were not available in DICE's Battlefront. The maps would be great to have for the core launch or as DLC afterwards. There's a wide range of terrains on the planets I've selected and looked for ones that would be amazing with the incredible graphics.

#10: Eadu

The planet is a dark, desolate and rocky one that typically features wild storms across its surface. While not anything too amazing, in the game it could provide some interesting changes of gameplay by featuring dynamic weather issues across rock formations and refinery buildings.

#9: Kashyyyk

The Wookie home world of Kashyyyk is nothing new for the Battlefront scene being forest focused, but what's neat is the combination of beaches with patches of warm tropical water and large scale trees. It would be interesting to see this sort of setup in the game by having large sniping positions upon colossal trees and beach fronts to storm.

#8: Geonosis

Sand, it's irritating and gets everywhere. Geonosis is like the other past desert maps to a degree, but contains a different color and texture to it. The world is also much more barren being a dry place with some unique rock formations for distinct combat. Throw in some ancient structures and this could be a unique terrain for combat.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mygeeto

#7: Jedha

While this may contain further sand, there's a nice combination of things you could do on the planet. There's thriving markets, separatists that hide in many caves and ancient Jedi monuments and structures. This could be a gorgeous site to behold as you battle while massive Jedi statues loom overhead.

#6: Naboo

The planet of Naboo is very beautiful with scenic landscapes that contain large forests and bodies of water that hold the Gungan cities below. Aside from the natural aspects of it, the cities of Naboo feature luxury levels of building structures and a truly unique architectural design.

#5: Yavin 4

Another forest map, but also the site of the classic Rebel base and many ancient structures that are hidden across the surface of the world. This could be a great location that's not only easier for them to adapt, but very interesting to create some more dynamic forest environments. Could have some Rebel bases mixed with ancient buildings and some open areas to follow.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mustafar

#4: Mygeeto

We have never really seen much of Mygeeto, but it looks lovely and cold. It featured large buildings with massive walkways that hover high in the atmosphere. It's got a cold climate from what we've seen with unique structures to match. It would be great to see more of what they could with this or even just keep with the floating areas design.

#3: Felucia

A beautiful and colorful planet of wild flora would be an amazing place to visit. This would be just crazy to have a modern map on as they could go wild with the environments and build any sort of buildings they could want as it's very much open as to what can be done with. I feel this would truly be a special place to fight in and show a colorful side to the universe.

#2: Mustafar

We've seen a bit of what DICE can do with a lava location on Sullust, but I want to see one that's a full planet of magma. Give us a colorful, dark and creepy Mustafar to fight on. There can be a nice mixture of refinery buildings and places of open lava or fumes causing hostility to players. This could look great and it's such an interesting place to have maps on.

#1: Coruscant

The central hub of the universe, Coruscant has so many incredible places that could be used with a majestic futuristic city backdrop. They could have maps in the Jedi Temple, the Senate building or even in the underground dark areas below the surface. We got a small glimpse of this place during the first Battlefront 2 and it would be great to see it return.

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