Star Wars Battlefront 2 Looks Intense

The announcement trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks intense, here's a breakdown of what's included and to be excited about. Star Wars Battlefront 2 will release in 2017 as the follow-up to DICE's 2015 effort and the revamp of the original 2000's Battlefront series. This sequel will be larger in every way including content from every era of Star Wars and a full single player campaign. I'm going to go over the story elements teased along with every planet that was shown during the trailer and the heroes as well.

The Story
This appears to be an original canon based story following a soldier as she avenges the Emperor. The trailer has her recalling the final orders she was given and appears to be an Imperial pilot. This could very well be a darker tale in the series taking a page from the original Battlefront 2 following the dark side of things. You were part of the 501st in that game originally on the light side during The Clone Wars and then eventually Darth Vader's Fist. Being a pilot in this one, it would appear that she has a special ship as well so I'm not entirely sure where the pilot does rank.

Star Wars Battlefront Darth Maul

Locations There seems to be a larger focus on space battles here having large scale areas of war between Tie Fighters and X-Wings. At the start of the trailer it looks like they're on Endor based on the proximity to the Death Star explosion and the forest around them. Another shot shows Starkiller base with Tie Fighters exiting it and that's followed by what looks like Sullist. Another scene shows the Falcon getting chased over Takodana from The Force Awakens and then obviously followed by Hoth. The final quick cut shows off what I believe is Naboo with Darth Maul against Yoda and then finally I think, Endor again with Rey running through a forest.

From what I saw in the trailer, I'm damn impressed and there's a lot of pressure on DICE to perform with this game. The story looks dark and hopefully something unique. The fact that every era is represented is a beautiful damn thing and as part of the prequel generation, I am pleased. There's also mention of The Last Jedi characters for pre-ordering so I assume that's battle ready Rey and old man Luke Skywalker. This could very well be the Battlefront I've been waiting for and this trailer made me go from cautious to mad levels of hype. It seems like they're really aiming to give the fans what they want with epic space battles, all the eras and more heroes to play with. I can't wait to see what the game is like when it does release and more of it at E3 2017 since EA will be proudly displaying this game.

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