Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Have High Expectations

Star Wars Battlefront II will have very high expectations coming from DICE's decent first Battlefront offering and being a fresh retake of the classic Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005). I actually did quite enjoy playing Star Wars Battlefront (2015) finding it to be one of the best looking games ever and to have some fun gameplay. It was also truly authentic to the Original Trilogy which was a pleasant surprise. That aside, it was a shallow experience and while I love multiplayer focused games there just wasn't much to it. The DLC was also rather mixed going from amazing in the Clouds of Bespin to boring such as with the terrible Death Star DLC. It'll be interesting to see how this sequel that adds a single player campaign and multiple eras will do when it releases in 2017. I personally have very high expectations for this sequel as it not only is a Star Wars game, but one that carries the same name as one of my favorite games of all time.

Star Wars Battlefront Chewbacca Roar

Some players might have been too young to experience Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 2005, but I know that many of the target age for this new game remember it very fondly. It'll be hard to deal with for many seeing this new series eclipse the classic, but it could perhaps be something special all on its own. Battlefront 2 was a huge deal back then with high amounts of hype and it delivered. The campaign was exciting and different for Star Wars while the Instant Action or Online modes provided countless hours of gameplay. I still enjoy going back to replay the Instant Action on PC from time to time though back when it released I was enjoying it on PS2 at home and on Xbox at my friends. The game was one of the largest multiplayer games on Xbox in the later years of the first console and even supported on Xbox 360. Not only did fans love it, but the game also had fairly decent acclaim to it in all areas of the title.

The ones that enjoyed the classic Battlefront 2 and those that only know the most recent one will certainly have many high levels of expectations for whatever DICE'S Battlefront II will be. I'm certainly looking forward to it pushing the boundaries of graphics and hopefully it provides a fun, in-depth multiplayer to enjoy. It'll also be interesting to see whether DICE delivers a full story or one of their successful broken up type campaigns like in Battlefield 1. Regardless, there will be hype mixed with caution as many people I know didn't get everything they wanted out of Battlefront.

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