Top 10 Most Anticipated Xbox One X Enhanced Games 2018

While the Xbox One X has already received some incredible enhancements to games, the 2018 selection of updates is already looking really impressive. This will be an excellent mix of old and new games yet to come that are set to be beautifully enhanced by the console. It was a difficult list considering how many choices were present, but each of these will bring a different sort of upgrade. It might be an upgrade that revamps a game that needs some more love. Perhaps one that can just be better and of course the new releases that should help define just what the console can do now that it's readily available for development. Here are the Top 10 Most Anticipated Xbox One X enhanced games 2018.

#10: A Plague Tale: Innocence

Plague will seem like somewhat of a wild card for most and while little is known of the game I think it'll be really cool with the upgrade if it's a good game. From what I saw at E3 2017 it's essentially a story of these two young siblings trying to find their mother against a plagued world. What's crazy here is that the rats are plain rabid and there are hundreds of them packing the screen at once. That mixed with the darker design against soft bits of light could make HDR compatibility heavenly. I can just think of all those little rats going nuts across the screen, makes me queasy.

#9: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Blind Forest is a very beautiful game, the art style is simply stunning and the Windows 10 version provides 4k. With that resolution it will make the striking art even more gorgeous. I can only imagine this sequel will look even better being built for the hardware in mind and Ori's second battle will probably be incredible

#8: Overwatch

Overwatch continues to dominate the market despite having released quite awhile ago, with the bright colors and quirky characters this enhancement should really make it shine. Blizzard is also amazing at bringing high quality updates so I imagine this will only build on the potential longevity of the title.

A Plague Tale Innocence Screenshot

#7: Biomutant

I've only played a small bit of Biomutant at Pax West 2017 and I feel that with the enhancements this game will look really good. It's a sort of strange title featuring a vibrant open world and a wild character. Even just the character with a high resolution should be excellent and I do hope this one gets HDR support.

#6: Crackdown 3

While my anticipation has faded, Crackdown 3 should be one of the initial big first party titles built entirely for the console and a strong showcase of what the Xbox One X can do. At least, that's been the hope for the many years that it has been shown for. If it's not some mighty showcase of cloud power, 4k graphics and enjoyable Crackdown I'm going to be tough with it review wise.

#5: Metro Exodus

The Metro series has actually been fantastic with the first two games being well worth the time. The great stories from those mixed with a sort of partnership for the release of Exodus on Xbox should bring get results. The world of the Metro and post-apocalyptic Russia is stunning and with this bump in resolution it should be just amazing. Really excited to see how this one turns out.

Halo 3 Master Chief Collection Xbox One X

#4: Minecraft

Yep, Minecraft. I love the game, spend countless hours on it all the time and since this 4k update got delayed I'm expecting big things. I'm not sure how intense the Super Duper Update will be, but I'm expecting spectacular results considering the wait for it. It should definitely be a rather intriguing change for a game that's known for simplistic base graphics, bring on the 4k HDR block crafting!

#3: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

I've been pushing for Halo: MCC to get enhanced or revamped for a very long time. I really do hope Xbox treats this like a re-release for the title and give it a proper push with the 4k power. There are promises for fixes to remaining issues and since this is one of my favorite collections of which I pour hours into I hope it's flawless. Halo fans deserved better with this one and there's going to be a lot of pressure on what should be a basic update. Maybe if we're really lucky Halo Reach will also get thrown in, it would be nice to see that at 60fps.

#2: Forza Horizon 3

Forza Motorsport 7 is a perfect example of what the Xbox One X can do and while that game is breathtaking, there was something even better about Horizon 3. The open roads of Australia provided a gorgeous journey and it was just so much fun. After playing it on PC in 4k, I can't wait to see a refined HDR packed experience on the console. This should be an excellent improvement.

#1: Anthem

Anthem, I'm not sure how excited I am for this one but with it being a big title for Xbox having first revealed it this game should be a showcase of power for the console. It seems to present vast open landscapes with great quantities of detail within them. There are many multiplayer type functions that work well on Xbox Live, so that should potentially be fun. I'm not sure what Anthem will completely be by the time it's done, but there are many factors that make this a possibly great display of what the console can do considering the release is so far in the year. That is, as long as it doesn't get delayed.

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