Top 10 Indie Games of 2017

With there being so many incredible games released over the year I thought it would be best to highlight a few of the smaller titles created by small development teams. This is a look at some hopefully wacky and wild games that released over the year from various genres, but were truly indie type titles. These games definitely have a lot of heart, a special sense of creativity and are just a blast to play. They do some creative new things for gaming while pushing the smaller side of things further. There should be some fresh names on this list or ones you haven't heard of. Here are the Top 10 Indie Games of 2017 with a focus on small teams, crazy titles and amazing experiences.

#10: Loot Rascals

This game really gets unfairly overlooked, it's a beautiful and completely bizarre game. It's essentially turn based against procedurally generating hexagons that make up a planet. Death is a big part of this as you attempt to get better items to battle creatures and progress further. It's just wild gameplay wise.

#9: Jettomero: Hero of the Universe

You play as this massive and incredibly depressed robot that's accidently walking over civilizations and absolutely decimating the local populations. You smash buildings, cause huge explosions and then occasionally face off against towering monsters. There's a sorrowing background story and a really optimistic robot attempting to do what's right.

#8: Tacoma

A completely narrative focused game that follows someone attempting to investigate what happened to a crew aboard this silenced crafted. You experience their lives in AR leading up to the event and unravel an interesting tale of survival. It's nothing too complex being a simple exploration of narrative, rather charming.

Cuphead Xbox One Screenshot

#7: Thimbleweed Park

What a straight up bizarre game where you go through a town of random events, cameos and characters. Enjoy an area that's full of depth, large in scale and mysterious as you discover what's going on in this town. Enjoy some crazy perspectives as you end up switching characters and then see how it all meshes together. It's got humor, intrigue and nothing is predictable.

#6: She Remembered Caterpillars

A beautiful little puzzle game about sorrows and dealing with things. There's a soft story between the lovely little chapters as you guide these creatures across a board so they can fly off. It's simple, yet eleghant and the difficulty in the puzzles increases the further you go along. It's an absolutely charming time and really worth checking out.

#5: West of Loathing

This is a game of stickmen as you move through this western time period game collecting folks, completing quests and exploring a large world. You get to battle against intense creatures such as possessed cows, orcs and mysterious forms. Your actions matter as the world reacts to your choices and it's hilarious mostly. Game is packed with laughs and just a vast amount of activities.

SteamWorld Dig 2 Screenshot

#4: Tokyo 42

Tokyo 42 is a gorgeous game, the world is structurally beautiful and creative in how it's presented. There are a ton of unique missions as you go about eliminating folks to clear yourself. You just sort of go with the narrative and it's intense. Take advantage of multiple weapons, face off in multiplayer or just annihilate all targets you come across.

#3: Cuphead

Cuphead is definitely a game of passion with each scene being an amazing emulation of a 30's cartoon. The characters are fantastic, the game themes are dark yet classic and the bosses are awesome. This is all backed by really incredible music and pattern based enemies that make the game learning focused as opposed to just ridiculously hard. Great in local coop and the bosses are so wild.

#2: SteamWorld Dig 2

This direct sequel kills it presenting a massive world from which you can dig, explore or work through the story. There are many side collectibles to grab though you can just work through the narrative which is intense. The game packs hours of content within a beautiful world. The characters are great, the underground is varied and it's just a fun game to play. You get to continuously get better through your digging adventures as you unlock ever more mysterious events.

#1: Slime Rancher

I can't give enough praise to Slime Rancher for being the perfect farming game. It's a title where you look after adorable farms, feeding them and then selling the plorts they shoot out. It's full of depth; there are tons of unique biomes to explore, farm items to unlock and an emotional story hiding in the background. It's easy to get addicted to and well worth every second of your time.

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