Top 10 ID@Xbox Games August 2018

So many games release these days on consoles and that's a great thing. The availability has grown considerably with a focus on indie game support and the ID@Xbox program has been amazing in that regard. With that, here are the top 10 ID@Xbox Games August 2018 focusing on titles released within the month. These are all suggested for various aspects and placed in no particular ranked order.

I will note if any titles are Xbox One X enhanced or feature Xbox Play Anywhere support. Expect this list every month if things go well to help with that Xbox One indie collection. There will also be a download link for each if you'd like to grab them right away. We use an affiliate link so it supports the site, it'll automatically switch to your region on the official Xbox Store.

#10: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes "Enhanced" | Store Page

The ultimate game of cooperation as local players work together to solve a series of bombs. It's a wacky mix as to what each player controls and it'll take deep coordination to be successful, it's quite something.

#9: Hero Defense | Store Page

Battle it out as ragtag group of heroes that need to defend points. It plays as an active involvement tower defense where you'll need to constantly be adjusted forces to deal with the oncoming waves. It's monster focused and has a town building aspect with somewhat deep RPG elements thrown in.

#8: 3on3 FreeStyle | Store Page

This is a really great little Basketball game featuring cartoon styled visuals and fast paced gameplay. It handles well and is incredibly strategic as players need to work together to get the right shots or move the ball around.
Strange Brigade Squad Screenshot

#7: Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier | Store Page

Dive into this narrative driven Planet of the Apes adventure as you meet both perspectives of this conflict and make decisions that will alter your path forever. It's focused on building the existing universe and doing so in a fresh way.

#6: Megaton Rainfall "Enhanced" | Store Page

Become essentially a god of humanity, or well a super hero. You're an all powerful being that continues to get additional abilities as you wage war on invading aliens. Fly out into the cosmos and head back to fend off a wide range of varying enemy vessels. It's quite something as you could cause terrible collateral damage.

#5: Brawlout "Enhanced" | Store Page

In the style of Super Smash Bros. battle it out with an array of colorful characters against vibrant backdrops. It's one excellent brawler title featuring fast paced arena combat with stunning visuals and a distinct style. Other special indie characters also appear in the mix, it's great.

DayZ Xbox Screenshot

#4: DayZ "Enhanced" | Store Page

This is one super massive zombie survival game where sixty players battle it out cooperatively if they'd like, but mostly in a hostile way. Zombies are thrown into the mix and it's a wild ride with lots of walking. There are high levels of realism and intense action in small bursts that get the heart racing.

#3: Flipping Death | Store Page

Penny dies, the Grim Reaper decides to take a break and now you take over while trying to turn over. Head out and meet wacky characters on their way to death, try to give them a hand. It's a very visually distinct looking title with a hilarious focus.

#2: Overcooked 2 "Enhanced" | Store Page

Head back into the kitchen for an even wilder time as food needs to be prepared. Work alone or with others, even compete against them in four player matches. Enjoy this experience locally as a group or even through online multiplayer. The story is expanded, there's more to prepare and it is one crazy journey.

#1: Strange Brigade "Enhanced" | Store Page

Get ready for a classic 1930's adventure within a cooperative focused environment as squads of four battle the forces of mystical evil. It's an epic campaign of wonder, multiple paths and hours of countless blasting. It's dense and ready for the excitement of adventurers.

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