Strange Brigade E3 2018 Preview

At E3 2018 I was able to check out Rebellion's meeting room and sit down to play Strange Brigade for the second time. The game has progressed quite a bit since the year prior and it's even more of a blast to play. This is a cooperative focused adventure that takes place in Egypt during the 1930's. As a selected character you can customize them and then head into battle alone or with others. Each level is linear in design, but there are elements of choice as multiple paths are present.

You're never locked from checking out every area in a level, but you can choose to just go down one path. Along the way you'll meet a series of creepy monsters, traps and of course many secrets. This includes side puzzles to tackle which may hold onto some special bonuses. There are also hidden cats sitting around among other collectibles to aim for along the way. They even give off an audible prompt of a meow when you're in the area, it's quite something. You can also come across special chests where a fancy weapon can be gathered, these really pack a punch.

Strange Brigade feels very similar to Rebellion's other cooperative adventures and this works well in a fun focused environment. Things aren't taken too seriously adding a flavor of adventure, but there still are difficult elements that will present a challenge to players. I still haven't seen too much of the game, but it feels great and is just a lot of fun. It plays well looking great on Xbox One, and the cooperative elements should be really enjoyable for a group.

The world is full of details and captures the aesthetic of the chosen era really well. The traps are fun and there are enough destructive elements for some of that charming over the top explosive action. It delivers on what I've found to be a great time with their other titles and I look forward to seeing the final package. There should be daring action, cheesy story elements and many creepy creatures to tackle along the way.

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Strange Brigade Xbox Screenshot
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