Top 10 Game Franchises that Would be Great in the Battle Royale Genre

The Battle Royale genre is the hot thing right now and with a number of games providing their own format on it, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at other franchises that might be able to pull it off. These are presented in no particular order and just provide a list of popular series that could implement Battle Royale within their universes while also explaining how it might run. It's less about recreating the exact same version of the game type and instead putting a unique mix that only these games could pull off.

#10: Minecraft

An easy one to start with, Minecraft already emulates this to some degree with the Hunger Games. Imagine that sort of thing, but more streamlined with what's available item wise and many more players being dropped into a preset massive world through elytras. Think of it as taking the existing survival games and turning it into something that is more direct in combat.

#9: Tomb Raider

This might sound a bit odd, but take the harsh survival themes of the recent take on Lara Croft and apply that to a large open island. Give players a number of weapons to collect from various huts or destroyed structures as well as traps to create. This would take the approach of allowing a more tactical hunting approach with movement and vantage points being key. I actually quite enjoyed how intense the multiplayer was for the first entry and think that approach might work well here.

#8: Assassin's Creed

Another strange one, but essentially take the multiplayer game modes from the past entries and just expand upon them. Provide a massive city that's stacked with NPCs and have players attempt to see who can last the longest. Allow them to blend in with the crowds and work to take each other out by being creative. The taking out of one another ranging from straight up attacks to perhaps a series of well thought out stealth kills.

Tomb Raider Battle Royale

#7: Borderlands

The lovely desolate open world of Pandora stuffed with unlimited and random guns, shoot each other as random bandits or iconic characters across some well known simple locations.

#6: Red Dead Redemption

I suppose the online for Red Redemption already is somewhat like this, but focus down the open frontier and give it a sense of collection while cowboys blast at each other across the open west. It could have a series of items to collect with most wounds being quite fatal.

#5: Bioshock

Consider presenting a larger look at say Rapture or Columbia and allow players to collect the wide range of weapons or perhaps even plasmids. The aesthetics would be gorgeous, there's a good selection of weapons to use in the universe and the variety of plasmids might swap things up further.

Fallout Battle Royale

#4: Grand Theft Auto

Like with Red Dead, these two open world games already feature gameplay like this with the way their online is setup, focus it and in this modern setting it could work very well. Perhaps not as fun as roaming the old west, but a modern setting would definitely attract attention.

#3: Halo

I'm not saying that perhaps spartans need to be present in this, but instead focus on the ODST and have do an orbital drop to start a match. Players will then be more regular, but in a futuristic human city or even a large scale Halo ring for wondrous effect. It could be well balanced as players scavenge for materials or basic vehicles for travel across a large terrain.

#2: Resident Evil

Zombies needed to be included somewhere here and with Resident Evil that might fit well. Think of a darker, almost claustrophobic open world where players are not your only threat. It's still focused as players need to eliminate each other as the virus spreads, but at times it might be best to work on the horde of zombies instead of each other.

#1: Fallout

Filled with radiation that continues to grow, head out into the rough wasteland to survive the best you can. Players will be out to get you as will the horrors of the wasteland, find magical weapons or well basically held together guns to eliminate each other. It's tough, large in scale and could fit the formula well.

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