Top 10 Fallout 4 Mods Week 20

In no real particular order as we're not ranking mods already here are the top 10 mods for week 20 after release of Fallout 4 after the viewership of the lists which I hope you enjoyed. The mods have evolved once more offering some far better high resolution texture and general mods for Fallout 4.

#10: Celebration Time

Download Here

Celebrate good times, cmon! Time to get a selection of celebrations for those special moments of victory within the wasteland to cheer loud and proud out there.

Fallout 4 Celebration Time Mod

#9: Be The Dog - Playable Dogs

Download Here

There have been all sorts of mods to play as things or even improve our dog in the wasteland and now it's time to play as Dogmeat and friends with this glorious mod.

Fallout 4 Be The Dog - Playable Dogs Mod

#8: SR_Settlement_Signs

Download Here

Now we label all the things with this amazing set of label signs for literally anything that you might find in your settlements or even across your adventures in the Commonwealth depending on how mods you've added in.

Fallout 4 SR_Settlement_Signs Mod

#7: Ways of Life

Download Here

Being a RPG the game should be all about choice and now you can choose to start off anywhere in the wasteland you'd like instead of just rising from the vault like the regular folk. There's a great list of choices present as you can see from the image below in a number of locations across the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Ways of Life Mod

#6: Wasteland Fashion Retextures

Download Here

I'm always on the lookout for retextures and this goes into great depth to improve the quality of clothing on many variations for a much more realistic and rugged take on the clothing selections.

Fallout 4 Wasteland Fashion Retextures Mod

#5: Lovely Lady Lingerie

Download Here

For the lingerie lovers out there you can choose from a variety of differing styles and combinations to find just that right style for your character. It's probably not the best to run around in this set of clothing without armor, but I'm sure most that download this will not care.

Fallout 4 Lovely Lady Lingerie Mod

#4: Dog Combat Armours

Download Here

Your faithful animal companion is usually defenseless out there in the horrors of the wasteland so it's best to suit him up with some tough dog combat armor so he can take a hit and keep fighting those Deathclaws.

Fallout 4 Dog Combat Armours Mod

#3: Craftable Enemy Spawner

Download Here

For those that want to set up some crazy battles of whatever creatures or entities from the wasteland than this mod gives you just that ability. Just be cautious of what you spawn as it will cause mass chaos in your area.

Fallout 4 Craftable Enemy Spawner Mod

#2: Advanced Bubble Turret Set

Download Here

You might have grabbed an earlier version of this turret set back a few weeks ago if you've been keeping tracking, but this version brings it to the next level with twenty five unique turrets for crazy chaos and bright explosive colors.

Fallout 4 Advanced Bubble Turret Set Mod

#1: Smiley Grenades

Download Here

Tell your foes to have a happy day with an explosive thrown at them in the true style of the original Bad Company in this great smiley grenade. I'm sure you'll give yourself a smile each time and also bring happiness into the corpses of those you explode.

Fallout 4 Smiley Grenades Mod

Hope you found this 20th week of Fallout 4 mods helpful in living your wasteland life. If you created/have seen any mods that we should check out feel free to send me an email, comment of just let me know in the comments.

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