Top 10 Fallout 4 Mods Week 17

In no real particular order as we're not ranking mods already here are the top 10 mods for week 17 after release of Fallout 4 after the viewership of the lists which I hope you enjoyed. The mods have evolved once more offering some far better high resolution texture and general mods for Fallout 4.

#10: Vault 111 - Player Settlement

Download Here

It's about time we put Vault 111 to good use and with this mod it empties the place out to make it a suitable environment for players to use as a settlement to build within which is awesome.

Fallout 4 Vault 111 - Player Settlement Mod

#9: 20 More Female Hairstyles

Download Here

Adding more customization is always great with this mod unlocking some male hairstyles for the female side along with additional new ones as well with just vanilla options which will not affect other mods

Fallout 4 20 More Female Hairstyles Mod

#8: Clean Settlement Greenhouses

Download Here

This mod cleans up the greenhouses and restores them to pristine quality in order to be build onto with snap capability or just build within as its nice and clean now.

Fallout 4 Clean Settlement Greenhouses Mod

#7: No Lollygagging Settlers

Download Here

The settlers traditionally move rather slow when the bell rings, this makes them haul ass back with no lollygagging.

Fallout 4 No Lollygagging Settlers Mod

#6: Cat Simulator - Playable Cat

Download Here

You get to play as a cat, see the wasteland through the eyes of a sly cat. That's really all there's to it, I'm sure many will enjoy doing cat activities across the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Cat Simulator - Playable Cat Mod

#5: Choice Chopped

Download Here

While I don't care much more food aside from just consuming it for health in dire situations this adds a variety of new food creations into the wasteland along with adding in some local favorites to vendors.

Fallout 4 Choice Chopped Mod

#4: Piper Redone

Download Here

If you've seen the other weekly mod lists Piper might have shown up, she's a favorite and with this we get a younger version of the reporter based on Bioshock Infinite: Burial Under Sea Elizabeth which is clearly shown in the face.

Fallout 4 Piper Redone Mod

#3: Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project

Download Here

I always appreciate any mods that work towards cleaning up textures or even smaller aspects of games and with this HD Reworked project they have a variety of objects often neglected which are being given an overhaul. At this point it's largely debris or other items lying around, but that stuff could use work and that's why these mods are important.

Fallout 4 Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project Mod

#2: Delightful Ivy

Download Here

Cleaning up the bland greenery around the wasteland is no easy act and with this mod you can have a much greener ivy leaves or a bushier brown with the choice up to you and the existing mods.

Fallout 4 Delightful Ivy Mod

#1: Alcohol and Tobacco Overhaul

Download Here

It's great to see some of the shady portions of the wasteland be upgraded to realistic textures with real brands, with that your alcohol and tobacco products have been cleaned up.

Fallout 4 Alcohol and Tobacco Overhaul Mod

Hope you found this seventeen week of Fallout 4 mods helpful in living your wasteland life. If you created/have seen any mods that we should check out feel free to send me an email, comment of just let me know in the comments.

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