Top 10 Xbox Backwards Compatible Games We Want 2019

While the program has brought many loved last generation titles, there are still many more that we'd like to see added for play on Xbox One. This particular tally of the top 10 Xbox Backwards Compatible games we want 2019 are games we'd like to see in the next year added and specifically from Xbox 360. They have a long way to go with Original Xbox games and at this point not too many are expected to be available. This list is in no particular ranked order, hopefully there's some that you also want to see, if not let us know what we've missed here.

#10: Lost Planet

Any of these titles would be great, I feel the first brought back with an enhancement would be awesome. The stories are a weird mix of large scale monsters and energy. The multiplayer was my favorite aspect, grappling and shooting others with giant mechs. It was awesome.

#9: Blur

So many have fond memories of Blur, the arcade yet realistic driving and battling game. Race around tracks blasting away others with power-ups across a variety of levels and situations. It was fun.

#8: Duke Nukem Forever

It may not exactly be everyone's favorite game, but history wise I feel it's important to preserve this entry in the library of Xbox titles. It's a game that truly spanned generations as it was developed for the end result to be, interesting.
Remember Me Xbox Screenshot

#7: Remember Me

I really loved this game, one of the past DontNod titles this had an intense story of time manipulation set against a fancy cyberpunk like Neo-Paris. The combat was frustrating at times personally, but I really enjoyed the stunning landscapes and neat characters involved. Sadly this probably won't get a sequel (Read About That) so it would be nice to have this.

#6: Medal of Honor (Reboot)

Alright, these games were a failed attempt at Battlefield-morphing the beloved shooter franchise though they would still be fun to check out. They carried a neat story and were alright, it would be nice to at least have the option to play them again.

#5: Lollipop Chainsaw

What an absolutely wild and weird game, a cheerleader with a chainsaw. I would not at all mind giving this a revisit and it would be a silly, fun game to see return once more. Oh, she carries her boyfriend's head on her belt type thing, it's just strange.

Crackdown Orb Screenshot

#4: Crackdown 2

With the third game apparently arriving finally in 2019, it would make sense to make the second entry available. It'll be really strange to have access to the first and third game, but not the second one. It may not be as loved as the first, but still a different take on the city and with expanded coop.

#3: Fuzion Frenzy 2

This had easy Gamescore to earn, but it was also rather fun to play and a party game for the console back in the day. It's rather shocking the series hasn't returned as something for the casual player, so hopefully this comes back. The first Original Xbox game is backwards compatible, so why not this one?

#2: The Godfather

The first game was a very interesting story that did something new while still bringing in the iconic characters. There was depth in the exploration of the world and how you would work up the ladder to become the leader. It was interesting, aggressive and different.

#1: Two Worlds

I, like many others didn't love this series but I'd be interested to see how it runs with some extra power sitting there and perhaps an enhancement boost to the world this might be interesting. It's a strange request, yet still a series I'd like to see available.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner