The Division 2 E3 2018 Preview

The Division 2 was one of the limited games available at the Xbox E3 2018 international party and that's where I got to check it out. Just like with the previous entry, this was the setup where I first was able to give the series a whirl. This setting had four players working in set classes to battle it out in the end game to move towards the heart of America. This had us moving through vast areas and then towards a large crashed plane.

It's an expansive world and it feels similar to the scale of the original yet with more free environments. Less claustrophobic and more open air, it's a nice change of pace from New York. Our team was random, but guided by a developer and it was a good time. It felt tactical and each character seems to fit a particular role or well at least for this demo. It was nice to be high leveled and to get a good look at the title on Xbox One X. It looks great and I'm certainly not surprised by that after seeing the first entry.
The Division 2 Screenshot
The Division 2 appears to be a good update over the original while retaining familiar gameplay. There are some new weapons to use now and a number of abilities. The demo I played didn't really give too many details of the action as this was a small setup. We went around eliminating some targets and then went forward to the large plane. Again, I was impressed by the look of the area and the plane area. Everything was built to provide a good amount of comfort and to provide creativity in combat. Once we arrived to the plane we had to fight to secure it.

Here we met a larger juggernaut type fella and that took some coordination to remove from play. It required the team to split up and provide focused shots to key areas. It was one of those massive bullet sponges so only causing problems in the parts that hurt would bring it down. After we were successful in doing so things got even more intense as we had to hold that plane. Waves of enemies went upon us and we split up holding off spots on the plane. I worked from the wing downwards and then sprinted in because whatever, it's an E3 demo. Once cleaned up we sprinted towards the heart of the city and that was when the presentation ended.

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