Metro: Exodus E3 2018 Preview

Metro: Exodus is the third chapter in the Metro series which once again follows Artyom, as he and a group of Spartans seek new lands. Artyom is joined once again by Anna and the two are now married, she takes the role of an assistant option as well as one that gives overall details during missions. The world of Metro has changed considerably in Exodus as the areas are now more open in design while still taking inspiration from their linear past. While at E3 2018 I was able to get hands-on time with the game for a full hour booking.

This was exciting as I enjoyed the first two on this current generation of have been anticipating what they do next with the universe. It should also be mentioned prior to jumping in on my thoughts that this takes place canon wise after the events of the good ending in Metro: Last Light. In the demo we're travelling by train until it suddenly stops in the middle of this open iced over area. There's water in the distance, but it's mostly chilled where land is. At this point we gather some weapons, tools and are told to head out to a local church area nearby to see what's up with the locals.
Metro: Exodus Screenshot
It's really just a gorgeous game, the visuals are impressive and the scale is large. It played quite well despite being an early representation of gameplay and seems to be largely polished. It's smooth to play and I was quite impressed with the new format for crafting. Instead of heading to workbenches you'll now have a crafting station on your back to pull out and place at any time. This is where you'll improve weapons and craft bullets which are such a rarity in this game. Movement is similar to the past titles being a slow paced shooter with tactical gameplay being a focus. I liked the addition of being able to sail around as it was present to a small degree, hopefully there are more segments like that as it's quite peaceful and a lovely time. Well, except for when things are swimming around below you.

Anyways, upon reaching the church I found out this group hates technology so I was given a choice. The choice was to run once they grabbed me, I killed everyone instead because it's a demo at E3 so why not. Ammo matters little and it's not like this will at all alter my account's story. I also helped a local family there which gave directions and then things opened up a bit. It feels like a linear adventure in that you can make it one, it's also open as well at moments. Once I helped a guy on some barge I was given a bunch of places to visit on a large map. There were no loading screens and it was a smooth experience, but my love needed help from mushrooms so I was sidetracked. That's basically where the hands-on time ended, I'm liking what they're doing with Metro: Exodus. It feels similar to what we've experienced in the past, but they're expanding in a bold new way that works.

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