The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Assemble Team Guide

One of the core quests in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is to gather your forces, both good and bad. Here's a quick guide for how to assemble your team in Captain Spirit. The first goal is to reach the point where the game opens up to free play. This mission is woven within all of the others so it'll most likely be the last one you finish.

It requires you to interact with every member of both the hero and villain line-ups. I'll include what the item is to interact with, and then a brief description on how to do so. Make sure to read both sides at each location as multiple characters can be found and you don't want to have to walk around. If you've missed any while playing, you can pick continue to return to your progress.
Captain Spirit Assemble Team Screenshot

Forest Warrior - Found within your Spirit's bedroom, on the desk to the right of the bed. Simply interact and watch to complete. This will finish Noctarious as well since they're together.
Power Bear - Another within Spirit's bedroom, on the floor beside the desk. Simply play with the character and watch to finish.
Dinosaur - Right near your father when he's sitting down, on the side of the table.
Sky Pirate - The treehouse, on the left side. Interact with and watch the cutscene again.
Ice Queen - The treehouse, on the right side, same as others be sure to interact to finish.


Noctarious - Played with Powerbear in Spirit's bedroom, on the desk to the right of the bed. Simply interact to complete them both.
The Shark Stinger - Bedroom, in the middle of the floor near the TV. Interact and watch as usual.
Water Eater - Back room of the house beside the kitchen, need to be hero-d up to do this one. It's an interactive story part.
Snowmancer - The snowman outside by the treehouse, make sure to grab explosives from the shed first and watch the action.
Noctared - The Treehouse, to the right side and interact to complete.
Mantroid - The final boss, after the team grab the car keys and head to the vehicle for one epic showdown.

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