Solo New York Draft Backpack Review

The Solo New York Draft Backpack is a great lightweight option for regular life and especially situations where one might have some sort of physical work out. I put this bag to the test while I was at E3 2018 using it for carrying essential supplies and for regular travel. While it might sound like a casual place to try out the bag I typically travel 80km over five days so this thing has seen some distance. It was an excellent addition to the trip offering great support for my gear while still being smooth on the back and keeping in place with the comfy mesh backing.

That aspect also leans well into keeping any sort of sweat out of the way as it's quite warm down there and walking a ton is tiring. Moving away from just fitness oriented aspects it's a nice looking draft backpack. It's light, while still being able to store whatever you need it to. All of these Solo New York options are very modern focused which means it has spaces for your technology. It also has spots for regular things one might need such as two bottle like side pockets and a front mesh pouch which is fairly decently sized. The dimensions are 19" x 13" x 6.5" with a weight of 1.2 lbs.
Solo New York Draft Backpack Review Product
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There's even a smooth higher pocket above the front mesh one, just for thinner type things from how much depth is given there. It's still nice to see that no space is wasted here. Inside is one central holding area with a pile of pockets on either side. Front facing within the interior are two pockets, one zipped and another open. Along the back are two more deep pockets of space, one has a soft velcro option to keep anything important from moving around.

The zippers featured over the draft backpack are traditional, yet tough and easy to pull. There are options for clipping the bag together if you'd like to make sure it doesn't move much, but in general just the straps themselves handle it all well enough. I received the black bag with has a burgundy interior, it's mostly smooth with the mesh on parts that interact with me. It looks quite cool and it is comfy to hold for even heavier quantities of items. It's best in lightweight situations, but don't be afraid to push it when needed.

The Conclusion

The Solo New York Draft Backpack delivers a perfect lightweight option for modern life with a focus on possible fitness situations. It handles well keeping in place and holding everything that's stored relatively together without too much swaying despite fast paced movement. The design is great looking sleek, compact and distinct. The bag is comfy, it provides great support and the mesh keeps everything in place. It holds everything I need it to despite being more on the lightweight side and it works as reliable choice in regular life. It's smooth to the touch and light when stored on the back. I was very pleased with this bag and it assisted my greatly during the most intense event of my industry calendar.

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Solo New York Draft Backpack Review product provided by Solo New York tested with life.

Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner