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Solo New York Cameron Rolltop Backpack Review

The Solo New York Cameron Rolltop Backpack is the ultimate modern life bag providing high levels of comfort and functionality. It can easily hold whatever you throw in it while also being something that's designed to handle your electronics at the same time. If you've got tablets, other devices or whatever else they'll fit in one of the many included pockets. This is one impressive bag offering almost too many slots for whatever you may have on hand and need to carry. The bag is comfortable to wear, it provides a lot of support and distributes weight well. This will be a superb addition to my various events throughout the year and I look forward to putting this through harsh trials at E3 2018.

For now, this has been a great option for carrying whatever devices I have and best of all it looks stylish. It really does have a fancy design to it with a type of fabric that's mentioned to look even better as it ages. To build on that the zippers are extra smooth and the main opening area slides out in an impressive way that I haven't seen from a bag previously. The straps are heavy duty, there are many options for adjusting how you wear the backpack and the opening fabric is also soft. I'm very impressed by what's offered here. The dimensions are 19" x 17" x 6" with a weight of 2.45 lbs.
Solo New York Cameron Rolltop Backpack Review Product
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The main section of the Solo New York Cameron Rolltop Backpack offers a large space for holding an assortment of items in the open and a couple pockets for whatever else. Specific areas are also labeled in case you're curious where the best spot is for what you have to carry. The next section offers another area of large space and some smaller pockets. It's really quite something that they were able to provide so much room despite the bag being of a particular size. The more you unravel it, the more slots you reveal. The front is simpler, but it still offers a fair amount of open space and some tighter small pockets. To top this all off there are two side pockets to hold say bottles or similar sized items. The bag offers great functionality not only with how much it can hold, but how the weight is distributed for comfort and the stylish look it presents.

The Conclusion

This is one awesome bag, the Solo New York Cameron Rolltop Backpack provides the ultimate level of comfort mixed with functionality that impresses no matter what you throw in it. The bag is stylish, it feels cool to wear and it's also superb when it comes to back support. For those that really want to take on an intense lifestyle or even a hardcore event, this provides a modern option to support whatever items you may have. That includes any devices you have on person or even regular items such as books or even bottles. I piled in some water bottles to test what this can do and even at six plus with full water I could barely even feel it on the back. It's a great offering and I'm truly impressed by this product. It works perfectly for carrying whatever, but also any device you may need and to finish it off the thing just looks cool.

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Solo New York Cameron Rolltop Backpack Review product provided by Solo New York tested with life.

Rating Overall: 9.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner