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"Mini Games Collection"


Party Planet is exactly what the title suggests with it being a collection of games with a variety of wild themes. The package is stacked with thirty unique games and eighteen of them have support for four players. This is the perfect sort of package for the Nintendo Switch since the goal there is always for local multiplayer. The games themselves vary greatly with each being a small, yet distinct offering. You get classic games such as moving a snake around the board eating things or air hockey.

Other game examples are a Flappy Bird type title, one where you blast balls to match colors before they reach an end and a tile memorizing one. As you can see they vary greatly and I believe these examples give you an idea of what's included here. You unlock additional games the more you play so you get some sense of progression, but honestly they just should have been available from the get go. Some of the games were fun to play, others weren't too in-depth and it's mostly just a sporadic package.


The games within the pack provide a decent variety of content between them and the support for multiple players in many was great. If you want a variety pack of games, then there isn't any other selection that brings more than this. The games are vibrant in color, filled with fun light hearted graphics and are perfect for the younger audience. The audio matches this and while nothing is too intense, there are some competitive aspects present. For the most part the games handled well, just there wasn't too much to any of them.

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The Conclusion

If you're looking for a package that will definitely have a game you like, then the Party Planet is a perfect option. Otherwise it's just a random assortment of shallow titles stuck together. I definitely appreciate the effort however as it must have taken a fair bit of work to produce so many completely distinct titles and mesh them into a single game. Each is greatly different from the last and it feels like a greatest hits compilation of mobile games. There's a decent effort here, but with that the project is spread thin. I could see it being good for a younger party night or to hit the road with since there should be something someone will like. It's just not something that will hold your attention for a very long time.

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Party Planet Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 5.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner