Outlast Trinity Review

"Outlasting Trinity"


The first Outlast was certainly an iconic horror game truly perfecting that first person atmosphere of chill and running for your life. It was unsettling for sure providing some intense psychological elements while throwing in buckets of gore to the side. The core of the game was moving through pitch black areas while using a camera to light the way and collecting batteries to continue forward. There were simple puzzles to solve, enemies that chased you and an array of furniture to hide in or under. The story was also rather interesting as you learned what happened and were left with complete mystery afterwards.
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Outlast: Whistleblower

Whistleblower isn't really a separate game as it's more of a DLC for the first Outlast. The developers thought it would be fun to just go crazy on what people liked with the first game and make it more messed up. This was definitely true as the game has some serious levels of insanity. It also beautifully ties in with the core game building around the story and giving some background to certain events. It also featured the weirdest bridal scene I've seen in a game aside from what I remember in Dead Rising 2's. It's not quite as long as the first since it's a DLC expansion, but still truly worth it if you liked the main game.

Outlast 2

This is of course, the main feast of the package since Outlast 2 released right when this trinity collection came out. This sequel is a separate experience in that it continues the story far away. It keeps that same sense of horror you loved from the first and expanded it into a more open place. It's also much more difficult with how it's setup and plays, but that's apparently been patched to a degree after having played it so I can't speak to that. The world is still damn creepy and filled with some more extremely "strange" events to take part in. It's basically a civil war of monsters and you're stuck in the middle trying to survive while dealing with some personal problems.
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The Conclusion

This is a glorious package for horror fans and especially the ones that have yet to be treated to this magnificent display of terror. The games hold up well despite having released over a few years with Outlast 2 being the main attraction in this package. The first game is still fantastic with some unique gameplay that few other games have been able to emulate. That formula is expanded upon with a darker sense in the Whistleblower DLC and finally grown further with Outlast 2. This Outlast Trinity is perfect for fans of horror or that missed anything in the series and want it all in one spot.

Outlast Trinity Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner