PUBG Mobile Against Fortnite Mobile: Which is Better

The two biggest names in battle royale have now appeared on mobile devices and both within a relatively short time span of the others. It seems like the battle rages on as the two compete for dominance and it's interesting how they're handling on the mobile platforms. I'd say that either option is staying true to the regular versions of their PC and Console counterparts, but there are smaller differences. It would seem that they do need a relatively newer phone to truly take advantage of the visuals when playing any of the titles. They can look great or not so much and PUBG was locked graphic wise when I first played it noting that the beta was the reason.

I grabbed a slightly better emulation tool for Android and was able to get better visuals so it looks greatly improved. For context, if you somehow haven't heard of either they're about eliminating others. You do this in massive matches flying onto a large world to scavenge and then hunt others. They're the same game essentially with some smaller tweaks that make them distinct. Fortnite has a strong backing based on the developer actually being the creator of the engine the two games run on. This allows better access whereas PUBG has had the benefit of being around longer and being a premium offering making big money. This is compared to the former which is a free to play.

Being on mobile the games are free to play, which makes perfect sense considering how that market works. You work to gain clothing or decorative additions. Fortnite mobile is the exact same as its console iteration whereas PUBG Mobile is cut down. You still get the massive world scale wise with the same buildings and items, but PUBG slims many of the room sizes and removes a number of smaller decorative items. This is aspect is impressive for Fortnite as it retains the exact same design as it does everywhere else. That aside, PUBG does have a much more realistic and demanding visual design to it. It provides something grittier and much more realistic as the competition takes on a cartoon design.

This all builds into the next point of cross-play and cross-progression of which Fortnite rules supremely. It's amazing that you can jump on a phone and play with friends on the other platforms, it highlights a potentially fascinating future for the engine. When it comes to controls they're about the same, I find shooting hard yet all other aspects handle well. I'd give the edge to PUBG as it does have a sleek and completely fast select approach on the touch UI. I haven't really had performance problems with either and they run quickly finding matches without any issues.

I'd say comparably they're about the same for what features are being presented and in comparison to the PC or Console counterparts not much has changed which is impressive. I'd give the current lead to Fortnite for their push towards cross-play as that's more of an accomplishment than just minimizing an experience for a standalone release. If you liked any particular option on any other platforms you'd be fine playing that same iteration on the different screen if you're not too bothered by what the other has to offer. While I have selected an initial winner, this might change over time and for now it's wild to see these full titles arrive for essentially just phones.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner