Privé Revaux Anti-Blue Light Glasses Review

Philanthropist Optical Silver

There's definitely been an increase of interest in regards to the way we see screens and how it affects our sleep cycles. The light these device screens give off is potentially damaging, but mostly just straight up fatiguing and we use them every day. I get quite tired after spending countless hours working on screen based projects and these glasses have been great in the quest to reduce that problem. I was sent the Philanthropist Optical Silver model (wanted the gold! no complaints though) to check out. They're actually a nice set of glasses, but just one of many in a line of exclusive Privé Revaux Anti-Blue light glasses. They're limited in how many are sold being a sort of fashion symbol I suppose for the time they're available.

This pair is nice, light and powerful for light blocking. It's a very particular type of look for the lenses due to the type of light that's being filtered out. To start, the package itself is quite appealing. You get a regular dark box and inside that is a decently sized hard case for the glasses. It's smooth, snaps together easily and carries the glasses well. Inside that is a certified card of a heavy quality for your glasses and a cloth for wiping them. It presents itself in a fancy way and that feels like a premium type of quality.
Privé Revaux The Alchemist Product

The actual pair of glasses themselves are comfy, light and sit smoothly. They're very thin in design, yet durable and I imagine it would be rather hard to bend them after attempting to slightly do just that to test them. The lenses look great and are quite reflective. This was one complaint I had, while wearing them I can see what's behind me from my peripheral which is a bit odd. That aside, while worn they give everything of a darker coating while almost instantly lessening fatigue from monitor use. I tested some differing combinations of use as well to get a better idea of performance.

Some days I would wear them after a long day of working and when I was just cleaning things up at the end of the night. They helped a lot then making my eyes feel considerably less drowsy. I would also try them regularly for extended periods of time having no problems with comfort and being satisfied with their reduction in stress on the eyes. They make it easier to work for a long time and not have much of a problem with how tired your eyes can get.

The Conclusion

The Privé Revaux Anti-Blue light Philanthropist glasses work well offering a sleek and comfortable package. The casing is excellent coming across as rather fancy and the design of the glasses also continue that effort. You get all the essential items with the case and it's a great way to reduce eye stress from those screens. They also look nice to wear outside of being attached to only screens and I'm sure you could wear them out and about while feeling stylish. I was happy with the glasses after checking them out for a period of time and am pleased with how much easier they make late night work. It can be quite tiring to work later hours and you really do feel it mostly on the eyes. This helps almost eliminate that problem entirely which is great.

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Philanthropist Review product provided by Rogers & Cowan tested with Windows 10 PC 4k monitor, Microsoft Surface Pro, iphone5s, Xbox One X with Samsung 4k tv.

Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner