Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! E3 2018 Preview

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! is one of the two versions of this latest entry releasing on November 16, 2018. This will be a two player adventure (or single player) that's structured around being an RPG experience. While at E3 2018 during my visit to the Nintendo booth I was able to get hands on with this new adventure and most interestingly their mystical Poké Ball Plus. This is a real ball that you hold in your hand and throw. It's honestly just the silliest thing ever, but fun too.

I was part of that whole Pokémon Go phase that was going on when the game launch and I could see this being a fun attachment for it. Go works with Pikachu! as you can send your captured critters over, but can only do it one way as you can't transfer them again to the other version or back into Go. I wasn't given much of demo to be honest, it was a small area to give an idea of the concept they're selling. That's fine, but I would have liked to also see what they're planning to do with this game. I was placed within a tiny area with tons of Pokémon roaming around. I would walk up or just be greeted by them and then go into catch mode.
Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! Screenshot
The catch mode is basically a full screen version of what you play on your phone. It's the exact same setup and motion, which works. It was a hugely popular app and to emulate that for the Nintendo Switch is genius. It takes nothing new to learn and it'll be a fast transfer between them. After that, I was to aim the Poké Ball Plus and then catch 'em all. It's a bit awkward to throw as the ball has to be oriented in a certain way. I really wish they would have added some sort of auto orientation as I would constantly need to find the right placement to be successful.

Otherwise, the ball would just throw off into the distance which was awkward. If you're really into Pokémon I do 100% suggest getting the ball, you're going to love that connection to the game. The visuals were fine, they seem colorful and fun. Again, didn't get a big look at the experience as this was focused on catching the critters which I did. Some were tough, but most were caught easily. It's a neat concept, makes complete sense and I'm sure this will be a hit. While Pokémon Go might have cooled down, there are still many that play it so this evolves on that.

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