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While at E3 2018 I was able to stop by and visit with PDP once again to see what was new. They had a selection of fresh items and an enhanced pro side headlined by the Victrix Pro AF which you can read about from the preview below. That aside, let's dig into what's new with PDP. They produce a number of peripherals for all the platforms and especially are focused on the Nintendo Switch in recent years, as everyone is. The first thing to note is that they're working with Microsoft and Xbox in particular to design attachments for their Adaptive Controller.

This controller is just a base that's meant to be accessible to any type of gamer with options available to enhance the accessibility further. PDP is working on some items including a Wii-like Nunchuk that stood out to me. I didn't really dive too deep into that, but it's great they're working on accessories for it. From there I looked at some Nintendo Switch products including headsets that work natively with the console. They're able, through a partnership to bypass the app allowing audio directly into the Nintendo Switch. That's a huge deal, as the app can be ever so annoying to the point I'm sure many don't bother with it.
Mars PDP Screenshot
Another distinct item they're working on is called "Mars" that presents a specific and distinct gaming experience. This is a controller gun that's set to work with a camera, it can directly input your shots across the screen. The base is built for a specific platform whereas the guns can be used with any of the cameras. This is designed for modern platforms in mind and supports up to four players. It's something we've seen before and it works perfectly well from the demo I got to try.

PDP is personally publishing two titles for it, Voyage of the Dead and Qubit’s Quest from which I had tried out the former. It was an on-rails zombie shooter with some wild guns, they also apparently have other developers working with it. It's something we've seen in gaming before so it'll be interesting to see the response to this iteration, it does run impressively well. That's basically what I saw from PDP at E3 2018, hopefully I'll be working with them to cover products in the future.

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