Victrix Pro AF E3 2018 Preview

Victrix was one of the hardware bookings I had during E3 2018, I like to have a balance of games and the peripherals that support them while at these events. With this headset I was able to get a full explanation and some hands-on time with it. The provided demo was Call of Duty: WWII where I was able to go about shooting things, it would have been nice to play a match yet the team there left as I sat down. Anyways, it's an interesting offering as you really do need to have something special to compete in the ever busier headset business in gaming. With that I'll dive into some features of what makes this offering distinct.

The design is very sleek, quality materials and I actually love the dark purple color scheme. It looks even cooler when you're actually handling it as opposed to seeing a picture and it's quite comfy on the head. A big feature is the noise cancelling from which you literally hear nothing from the outside. It's impressive actually, most cancel noise though this one really does aim make it silent. To build on that they have a cooling system where you just flick the ears up. It helps after intense sessions I imagine, but honestly I find this more interesting as being something to hear others that enter the room and need to chat without removing my headset. This is common for most regular folks, and it can be annoying to take the headset off or partially cover an ear to listen.
Victrix Pro AF Screenshot
With that out of the way, I thought I'd dig into some more of the technical aspects of what the Victrix Pro AF provides. There is the 50mm driver size, the entire headset only weighs 318 grams and it features slow return memory foam. This makes it even more comfortable over time and it specifically is designed to assist with those that wear glasses with a special shaping. The microphone is also rather impressive being built with a Cobra attack helicopter in mind and then adapted for gaming.

This provides active noise cancelling and easy movement for whatever position is most comfortable to use for chat. This is just a small write-up on the headset, but I think it covers the basics while providing some interest. It was a comfy option for gaming in the short time I tried it out and it does bring some exclusive features to the table that more professional players may be interested in.

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