Overcooked 2 E3 2018 Preview

The first Overcooked was a pleasant surprise when it released, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing that one. It brought awesome local coop play and frantic energy as you aimed to prepare meals. It had some complexity to it, but was straight forward while being a colorful and fun game for anyone. Surprise, some time later Overcooked 2 is announced and I was able to jump in while at E3 2018. I wasn't booked with Team17 due to it being a last minute offering, but I had some time open up so I went and asked if they could fit me in for some time on the game.

Luckily they were able to and we sat down for some awesome coop action. I actually spent longer than I had anticipated with the game playing a number of levels, it was great. I had a grand time and it's nice to just have a relaxing seat to play a game as you're always running around at these conventions. It was a calm atmosphere in one of the off-floor areas which are what I mostly prefer. Anyways, a great addition this time around is that it can be played with up to four players online or offline. That was a feature I really would have liked, the online component that is and now it'll be here for this bigger entry.
Overcooked 2 Screenshot
Overcooked 2 is just as fun as the original is while greatly expanding upon the core concepts. You're still preparing foods, but there are many more differing types to make. For extra context each mission has you preparing a meal by chopping, cooking or placing items together. The levels are also wild now, straight up crazy this time around while also being dynamic. You can completely switch where you're cooking halfway through while dealing with environmental hazards. I never would have anticipated that sort of problem when it came to the culinary arts. It's the same fun style you remember, just larger in scale and that works well for it.

They've done enough that this feels like a fresh new experience that's sure to be something to check out when it does release. It still has that frantic race against the clock and with that comes the option to throw food as well. A huge help when you're on the other side of the kitchen and need to get that last meal put together. I had a great time checking out the game and appreciate them taking some time despite not having a booking to check it out. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Overcooked 2, should be a grand follow-up.

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