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Purrfect Date is the ultimate cat dating simulator bringing you multiple chapters with various characters to work with. It's presented in the style of a visual novel with some elements of choice as you attempt to create a cure for a serious feline virus. It comes across as light hearted initially with the style, but this story actually contains a fairly dark narrative and that was creepy. This all worked out well for creating a compelling and dynamic story that's told over a series of chapters. In each of these you play as a different researcher sent to this mystical island and you need to piece together what's going on.

With there being multiple perspectives in Purrfect Date there are various cats to date and missions to work through in order to further your research. You're given a set amount of stamina and need to break it down between various activities. I felt that this could have been done a tad better since stamina didn't mean much in the context of what you were allowed to do, but a small detail I would have liked improved here. There are multiple felines to work towards dating and story lines that branch from this. Choice is a big thing here as how much you choose to do directly impacts what sort of ending you get from the many possible options.
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Purrfect Date was actually really great, it was creepy and mysterious to the point you wouldn't want to put it down. There's a pile of dialogue and unique personalities for all of the involved characters. I didn't think it would be as dark as it ended up being and that was just a bonus. I'm mostly mentioning this so you're not going into it expecting a straight up romance plot. That sort of thing is there, just cleverly sitting in wait as you discover the true mysteries of what's happening on this seemingly joyous island. It runs well on mobile being adapted perfectly for the smaller screens and touch input.

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Purrfect Date Review on IOS
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Rating Overall: 8.6/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner