Mixer Direct Purchase a Smart Move

Mixer is definitely a late joiner when it comes to streaming, but their new Mixer Direct Purchase option could be a big game changer for the platform. What this essentially does is allow viewers of any stream that's showcasing a game or DLC of any type to purchase that content right on the spot. They can even go further by choosing what type of version they want whether that's the standard or deluxe option. It will then appear like it regularly would on their Xbox or Windows 10 platform and the streamer gets 5% (at launch) of that purchase. This creates a very good system for those that want to display games and the companies that want their games given exposure by streamers.

With this already being the general idea of why influencer type video content is being pushed so much in recent years, it's strange that this hasn't happened already. I would have definitely imagined Twitch would be having some Amazon integration and this may push them to do so. Until then, this could be a huge draw for Mixer as streamers are always looking for more ways to earn money and with the price of games there's some real potential for profit here. It benefits everyone involved and makes complete sense considering why influencers exist already.
Mixer Minecraft Direct Purchase a Smart Move
On top of that, it would be really cool if Microsoft offered that for sites as that would be awesome. Personal note aside, this is a smart move by Mixer. It should most certainly attract streamers and draw additional notice to the platform. They've done some great smaller innovations with the technology they've deployed, but despite having fancy features it can be hard to get into a market that has been maturing for awhile now. It's certainly integrated into the Xbox One interface at this point and having watched some streams its quality.

Mixing the whole potential profit through sold games with interactive streams and other fancy improvements, they'll have a really enticing package. I can however see some negatives here as I'm sure some will bring up the whole influencers will be extra nice to games in order to drive sales aspect. I even imagine some streamers will mention to purchase games they're playing, yet I suppose they already do that for the most part. Some are less bias, but for a number of titles video creators do up the excitement and attention to what they're showcasing. Whatever the case, this could be a big change up in streaming as Mixer hopes to draw further attention and build their community.

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